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  • Enlarged premises necessary to meet customer demand

    Updated 30/07/2014

    July has seen the completion of an extension to G2’s manufacturing and production facilities at our UK base in Farnham.   The enlarged facility is an important step in enabling us to further scale our capacity.  The result is 40% more space over the original workshop and manufacturing space, giving us more room for build and testing. We have also created a dedicated annexe for design and development.

    The expanded facilities come in response to customer demand and the result of new products recently launched or close to being so.  These include:

    This is a significant investment for the business and is testament to the success we have seen over the last 12 months in particular.

    Commenting on the development, Chris Hollidge, Managing Director at G2 Digital said  “the quality of our products continue to attract market interest, especially as we deliver further product innovation and overcome highly specific customer challenges with our bespoke solutions.  The enhanced premises put us in an even greater position continue developing new and exciting products and responding to changing customer requirements”.

    As a very proud UK based manufacturer, the enlarged facility further enhances G2’s commitment to design and manufacture in the UK.

    If you would like to know more about our product roadmap or to discover more about our product line-up or bespoke solutions then please contact us.

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  • Customer-driven upgrades shape new 2U rack mount PC

    Updated 24/07/2014

    We’ll shortly be launching our new 2U rack mount PC so wanted to give you a sneak preview into what’s coming and what’s new.  We’re really excited about it as it incorporates a number of customer-driven upgrades which help make it more versatile, whilst new innovations deliver even greater levels of performance.

    Some of the highlights include:

    • Greater capacity – we’re now using 2.5” drives so have been able to accommodate up to 12 HDD’s
    • Solid State – the 12 bays can also accommodate solid state disk which means better performance from on-board storage
    • Hot swappable drives – all of the drives are accessible from the front of the unit so maintenance can be performed or parts replaced without the need to power down the machine
    • USB 3.0 – the new appliance incorporates super-fast USB 3.0 connection ports on the front of the unit
    • Enhanced accessibility – the current 2U PC is directly mounted into the rack, now with our new sliding rail kit, it will be possible to slide the new 2U PC in and out of the rack to perform maintenance without having to remove it completely
    • Support for Broadwell processors – the new 2U PC has been built with the latest Intel processor family in mind and will accommodate the latest chipset upon release
    • Full height and length expansion cards – support for up to three PCI Bus express full height and length expansion cards comes as standard offering greater expansion options
    • More Power – a new 600W power supply is more powerful than the previous model making it ready for more demanding processors, graphics card and workloads
    • Quiet running – incorporation of our new active fan controller means it is significantly quieter thanks to noise dampening technology

    The 2U product is just round the corner and will be launched imminently.  If you’re interested to know more then get in touch – we’ll be happy to share further insight.  Otherwise, keep an eye out on the site for the launch.

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  • broadwell cpu chip

    Preparing for Broadwell

    Updated 21/07/2014

    Broadwell is the codename for Intel’s 5th generation Core processor series.  It’s based on the same microarchitecture as its predecessor (Haswell) with performance and efficiency improvements provided by the reduced chip size, which is the first in Intel’s new 14nm core manufacturing process.

    The significant reduction in size compared to Haswell (which was a 22nm architecture) looks set to deliver some compelling benefits, including massive improvements in power efficiency (Intel claim 30% over its predecessor) and better performance per watt.  The smaller processor will invariably lead to new form factor devices and is presenting some interesting opportunities for our own product line-up, which we’re actively exploring.  Interestingly, the new Broadwell chip will also plug into the existing sockets on some previous generation motherboards, which may offer upgrade opportunities to the new chipset.

    Unusually for Intel, Broadwell will also feature a fully unlocked design.  This allows overclocking past the limits of its original design, so OEM’s like G2 can push the technology harder for specific applications.  Pleasingly, Broadwell also brings Iris Pro Graphics to the chip which means greatly improved on-board graphical performance.

    Whilst the official release date for Broadwell is still unconfirmed, it is expected to start shipping later in 2014.  As a leading Intel partner we have been evaluating the technology and are poised to make its inclusion across a number of our own products.

    If you’d like to know more about Broadwell or where it may feature in G2’s products please contact us for further information.

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  • 1U PC removable HDD SSD

    The joy of hot swapping brought to our short depth 1U PC

    Updated 15/07/2014

    We’re pleased to announce that our 1U short depth rack PC is now available with hot swappable, removable hard drive bays.  This new option comes at only a small premium and enables two hard drive bays to be accessible from the front of the unit without the need to remove it from the rack.  Tool-less entry also means less fuss during replacement, which can be achieved in minutes as a result.

    The option is in response to customer deployment of the unit as host for ever more critical applications and workloads.  Configuring the unit with RAID means drives can be replaced without powering down and interrupting services, which makes it perfect for applications like CCTV recording where it is essential the machine remains in operation.

    Hot swappable drives are now shipping with our 1U PC.  If you’re interested in this option, take a closer look at the product line-up or contact us for more information.

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  • Rack mounted 1U NUC PC

    NUC miniature computing has evolved

    Updated 08/07/2014

    For those unfamiliar with NUC, it’s Intel’s powerful new mini PC.  Built to deliver stunning HD graphics from a low power, high performance unit, NUC has the potential to meet a variety of demanding applications.

    When G2 launched its NUC product we broke new ground, manufacturing the world’s first rack-mounted version of the mini pc.  Whilst on the face of it this may not seem impressive, the important innovation was the incorporation of an internal AC/DC power supply, which meant the product could be professionally rack-mounted without unnecessary cable clutter behind the unit once racked.  Prior to this, achieving the same result meant mounting a traditional NUC to a tray and sliding it into a rack – a pretty inconvenient method.   This simple innovation has sparked significant interest across the world from people looking at the possibilities of racking NUC for more intensive applications.

    Three NUC’s are better than one!

    Our innovation around NUC continues however.  A single rack-mounted NUC exists in 1U, and deployed alone is an in-efficient use of that space.  However, the G2 NUC is built around a modular system that enables a further two NUC’s to be mounted into the same unit of space, so more compute can be added at any time as your needs change.  The benefits of this are many-fold, including:

    • Optimising available real estate – critical when data centre space is so expensive
    • Denser computing in the data centre – three individual mini computers can now co-exist in the same space
    • Consolidate workloads – possible through cluster computing across devices

    We believe these new efficiencies around cost and space are compelling and as a consequence have opened up a wealth of new possibilities for NUC computing.

    To learn more about our NUC products and to take a look at the system options in the range click here or call 01252 711 114.

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