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  • Awesome new 2U PC case due any day now!

    Updated 30/06/2015

    We’ve been working on a new 2U PC case, which we’re pleased to announce will arrive any day now.

    Our 2U PC has always offered the most amount of expansion flexibility from our rack mounted PC range, the new case builds on this adding new features including:

    Up to three PCI express x16 full height and full length expansion slots

    House pretty much anything including video cards, network cards, sound cards and RAID cards.

    Up to 6x 3.5” SATA/SAS Hot Swappable HDDs

    Offering greater storage capacity and the ability to replace drives without powering down the machine.

    Up to 16x 2.5” SATA Hot Swappable SSDs

    For more performance than SAS/SATA load your machine with SSD instead and achieve lightening speeds for only a modest increase in cost.

    X99 2011-3 Motherboard Support for 6 -10 Core CPUs 5

    More capabilities and performance for high performance computing tasks like media severing, or virtualised computing.

    Two High Speed USB 3.0 Ports on the Front Panel

    Interconnect devices of your choice using the latest High Speed USB standard, without the need to access the rear of the machine.

    If you’d like to learn more about our new 2U PC please contact us

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  • ISO 9001 will reaffirm G2 Digital service quality 

    Updated 25/06/2015

    We’re excited to share that we have just kicked off the process to obtain the ISO9001:2008 standard for our business.

    For those unaware of the standard, it is an invaluable Quality Management System that will help us improve the processes governing how we run our business.  It’s a rigorous set of regulatory requirements, resulting in demonstration and verification that we have robust systems in place covering all aspects of our operation.

    It’s going to be a significant undertaking, but nonetheless is one we believe will really benefit our customers in a variety of ways:

    • Independent acknowledgement we have world-class processes
    • Improved quality and service
    • Right first-time attitude
    • Fewer returned products and complaints
    • Demonstrable commitment to quality

    We’ll keep you posted on progress, but if you’d like to know more in the meantime please contact us.


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  • G2 joins Intel’s 14nm revolution

    Updated 17/06/2015

    The arrival of Broadwell – Intel’s 5th generation processor architecture heralds the start of their 14nm revolution.

    So why is everyone interested in Broadwell? 

    Well, firstly based on 14nm technology it’s significantly smaller than its 22nm predecessor Haswell.  For a rackmount and mini pc manufacturer like G2 Digital, this presents exciting new opportunities for efficiency advancements.  Essentially, the microarchitecture enables us to achieve the same performance but with 23% lower power consumption than the 4th gen family.

    This isn’t all however.  Broadwell brings the biggest performance increase on graphics capability, although many other noteworthy features will no doubt pique the interest of tech-savvy buyers.

    Intel® Iris™ Pro Graphics

    Intel boasts a massive 2x increase in Graphics performance from the Iris Pro 6200 over the previous HD4600. While still achieving an overall power saving of 23% on the previous processor. It can Achieve 4K video at 60Hz without a discrete graphics card.  Iris Pro graphics is able to decode H.265 and VP9 format videos at a 4K resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels.

    Intel® Turbo Boost Technology 2.0

    Automatically allows cores to run faster than the base operating frequency.

    Intel® Hyper-Threading Technology

    Uses processor resources more efficiently, enabling multiple threads to run on each core. The result is improved processor throughput, advancing overall performance on threaded software.

    Intel® Device Protection with Boot Guard

    Prevents malware and other unauthorised software from replacing or tampering with the low-level UEFI firmware required during PC boot-up.

    Intel® RST for PCIe Storage

    Rapid Storage manager now offers support for next generation PCIe storage devices which improves response time by a massive 67% for key tasks like photo editing, video loading and office productivity.

    Importantly, the new 5th generation Core chips also support vPro technology, enabling users to manage PC’s remotely and improve ongoing security posture thanks to baked-in functionality present on the chip and rich control achieved through an Intel provided console.

    The rollout of Broadwell has come with much anticipation after several delays.  We’re pleased to announce that Broadwell is due any day now and will be available across our entire product portfolio, bringing all of the advantages shared above plus many more.  To learn more about Broadwell, start exploring our products or simply get in touch.


    Posted by: Geoff Undrell
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