• Extreme chipset generation meets our current product line-up 

    Updated , by Geoff Undrell

    Motherboards have now started shipping for Intel’s Haswell-E X99 chipset; their extreme chipset generation, heavily used in the digital content creation space and where over-clocking is required to meet high performance workloads.

    The new X99 chipset is signified by:

    • 10 x SATA 6 Gbps ports natively, with six of those being RAID capable
    • Support for DDR4 memory – up to 64GB
    • Up to six USB 3.0 ports native
    • Thunderbolt ready
    • More possible PCIe configurations
    • New PCIe storage options (SATA Express and M.2 via PCIe) are also supported

    Intel claims that at base clocks, the i7-5960x delivers 20% faster 4K video editing and 32% faster 3D rendering than their previous flagship processor.  Imagine what that can do with the potential to overclock by 31%!

    X99 compatible motherboard are available on a host of our products making them capable of meeting even the most demanding workloads.

    If you would like to know more contact us now or take a closer look at our current products.

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  • intel haswell from intel

    What’s new with the Intel Haswell refresh? 

    Updated , by Geoff Undrell

    We’ve been asked by a number of our customers to clarify what’s new with the latest generation of Intel Haswell processors which have recently been refreshed.  As such we thought it might be useful to post a short comment on our observations.

    To be honest the differences are almost imperceptible with the exception that the frequencies of the chips have been boosted by about 100 MHz over their original Haswell predecessors.  Whilst this does not sound much, the difference in our opinion is noticeable, especially considering thermal output remains the same.  This is even more accentuated at the high end in the Core i7 line-up for extreme computing demands.

    Why would I choose it?

    If you’re looking for performance, the small increment in price for an X97 chip will yield some more horsepower and will give you something extra.  If performance isn’t your main driver then the original iteration of the chip will be more than adequate for the vast majority of applications.

    It’s also worth remembering that older x87 chipsets are compatible with X97 motherboards so if you’re on a previous generation and want to re-purpose into a newer machine, you need not worry.

    If you’d like to know more or have a question about the new Haswell processor family please contact us.  Alternatively, take a closer look at our latest product line-up.

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  • Rack mounted 1U NUC PC

    NUC goes from strength to strength

    Updated , by Geoff Undrell

    Since we launched the world’s first to rack-mounted NUC mini computer, we have continued to develop what has proved to be a hugely successful product in our line-up.  As such, our 1U rack-mount NUC will soon be available with a host of additional features that present new possibilities and an even richer computing experience from this ultra-small form factor appliance.

    Ready to ship at the end of September, the 2nd generation of our 1U NUC will now come complete with:

    • Option for second LAN port for even greater connectivity
    • Audio input/output for use hosting a wider choice of applications
    • Additional USB port for further interoperability with external devices
    • New internal directional cooling to support greater performance demands
    • A simple blanking plate to give a tidier appearance when racked and spare NUC slots not in use

    This evolving feature set is part of our own product roadmap and commitment to innovating around key Intel technologies.  Likewise, with design, development and production occurring in one UK location, we are proud to be able to respond quickly to customer feedback on our products, enabling us to rapidly enhance what we offer.

    If you’d like to know more about our 2nd generation 1U NUC rack PC please contact us.

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  • First ever Rack Server arriving shortly!

    Updated , by Geoff Undrell

    Having established an enviable reputation as one the UK’s best independent manufacturers of rack mount and mini PC’s, we have taken the decision to expand our product line-up to now include servers.

    Our first 1U Server product is in development, the prototype of which, will shortly be available for us to share with interested customers. The decision to add servers to our portfolio, like many of innovations and product developments, has been spurred on by customer request.

    The 1U Server is a small, quiet, easy to manage multi-use server appliance.  Our thinking behind the product is to make an appliance equally at home as the host for performance-critical applications that demand more resilience and headroom than is achievable from a rack mount PC, whilst offering flexibility and value for money to host less demanding workloads.

    Inside the box

    The appliance is built on industrialised componentry and shaped by our user friendly design.

    Specifically, the server will come with two PCIe slots accommodating full height and full length PCIe cards, making it capable of serving applications such as 3D graphics, video encoding or networking.

    Up to 8 x 2.5″ hot swappable drive bays makes changing failed or upgrading hard-drives a breeze, without the need to power the machine down.  Likewise, a completely new chassis design that includes a quick remove lid makes access to the appliance straightforward, further gearing the server towards ease-of-use and service simplicity.

    Similarly, as more features continue to move from the motherboard to the processor we’ve also been able to develop the server with support for Micro-ATX server motherboards.  Using these boards inside the case has the potential for a simpler, cooler running and easier to manage system.

    Anyone interested in knowing more about the 1U Server or keen to see the prototype should contact us now.

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  • baytrail cpu from intel

    New Intel Bay Trail product line now in stock!

    Updated , by Geoff Undrell

    Intel Atom Bay Trail processors are now available across all of our product lines.  Following our announcement earlier this month that our Nano product was now shipping with Intel’s new Atom Bay Trail CPU we have extended this option across our entire range of products.

    The Bay Trail family of chips are Intel’s Quad Core system-on-chip (SOC) processors designed for intelligent systems, delivering outstanding compute, HD graphics, and media performance.  Bay Trail is manufactured on Intel’s industry-leading tri-gate 22nm process technology.

    Our C16 model identifies the Intel Bay Trail Quad Core processor family.  Take a closer look at our products to learn more or contact us to speak with one of the team.

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  • front view of our 2u rack pc range

    New 2U Rack Mount PC tested and ready for production!

    Updated , by Geoff Undrell

    Following our last post in July sharing the highlights of the customer-driven upgrades shaping our new 2U Rack Mount PC, we’re pleased to confirm that the product has completed our rigorous test phase and is now ready for production.

    We’re really excited about the upgrades we’ve made to our 2U Rack Mount PC platform and the benefits that they will bring to our future customers. Upgrades include, but are not limited to, increased storage capacity, use of SSDs over HDDs, USB 3.0 integration and a lower operating noise.

    If you’d like to know more about the product features, click here.  Alternatively, get in touch for more information or a quote.


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  • Front of Nano Mini PC

    Nano meets the Atom!

    Updated , by Geoff Undrell

    We’re now shipping our Nano Mini PC with an upgraded motherboard option which will house Intel’s new Atom Bay Trail CPU.  The Bay Trail family of chips are Intel’s first system-on-chip (SOC) products designed for intelligent systems, delivering outstanding compute, HD graphics, and media performance.  Bay Trail is manufactured on Intel’s industry-leading tri-gate 22nm process technology.

    The Atom quad core processor option isn’t the only upgrade either thanks to the new motherboard. The new Nano also comes with two rear USB 3.0 ports, yet retains all other connection characteristics as our lower priced model.

    For those working to a budget all of this additional performance is delivered for only £15 more versus our original lower-spec model.

    Delivering such high performance HD graphics, the new Atom-based Nano is perfect for:

    • Digital signage solutions
    • Interactive kiosks
    • Point-of-sale (POS) terminals
    • Portable medical devices
    • Industrial control systems
    • In-Vehicle Infotainment (IVI) systems

    If you would like to know more about Nano and Atom-based product options please contact us or take a look at the wider Nano family.


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