The Challenge

inamo is a dining experience like no other.  Using interactive E-Table technology, inamo allows diners to control almost every element of their experience at the touch of a button, from ordering their food and drink to learning more about the neighbourhood or even arranging a taxi home.

E-Table required a small form factor fan-less PC appliance to mount above each restaurant table to drive a projector and provide access to web-driven applications.  The right technology would be key to what inamo wanted to achieve.

The Solution

We adapted one of our off-the-shelf solutions to deliver something more bespoke that would meet performance expectations without making technology intrusive to the experience.

  • Mini PC wall mounted chassis
  • Fan-less design
  • CE Certified design
  • Windows embedded OS installed on 2GB Disk-On-Module

The Benefits

The Mini PC created drives the interaction between customer, restaurant and wider locale.    It offers a fast, reliable platform to run the e-table application over, sympathetic to the demands of the working environment:

  • Super-fast performance thanks to increased disk access speed
  • Small form-factor appliance is easily fitted into the fabric of the restaurant
  • Silent running is non-intrusive to diners