The Challenge

Integra had built a software solution for salt gritter lorries. GritNAV provides GPS guidance to the driver for their planned route as well as feeding back information about the lorry itself.  Integra required a ruggedised computer to host the software.  The appliance needed to be able to endure the shock and vibration of the vehicle, as well as withstanding the corrosive salt particles that enter the cab and potentially the computer as well.

The Solution

An IP rated computer would be the obvious choice for an application of this kind, however budget concessions meant this would not be possible.  Instead, through good design practice and robust build we achieved significant ingress protection with a solution composed of:

  • A solid state PC – no moving parts because it would be used in a vehicle
  • Power efficient fan-less Processor
  • IP rated connections where possible or sealed with rubber grommets as an alternative
  • Wide input DC Power Supply
  • Windows embedded operating system

The Benefits

The ruggedised PC achieved exceptional reliability and was developed to meet challenging timescales.  Now Integra has a fit-for-purpose host appliance that:

  • Is capable of standing up to the harsh working environment
  • Easily retro-fits into the lorry cab thanks to its small form factor design
  • Incorporated significant design innovation within a restricted budget