• Intel Xeon v5 processors

    Xeon v5 Processors now supported in our new ‘Industrial’ and ‘Server’ systems

    Updated 10/03/2017

    The hype surrounding Intel’s influx of innovation over the past couple of months came to a head at CES 2017 when their new 7th generation line-up took centre stage. However, the excitement still hasn’t ebbed due to the anticipated arrival of their Skylake Xeon v5 processors, which are beginning to gradually become available as part of the new updates.

    But how do they differ from v4, and why should you be holding out for the benefits of v5?

    Core, blimey!

    All we can say is that the number of cores speak for themselves. Where the topmost E7 v4 processor variant (E7-8890) only saw at its top end a 24 core chip, Intel has confirmed a 28 core E7 v5 processor with 165W Thermal Design Power (TDP). This is a considerable step up, with a lot more compute power promised as a result. But that’s not all – there is even a possibility that a flagship E5-2699 v5 processor could arrive on the scene with 32 cores and a gigantic 64 threads! That’s really something to look forward to.

    Here’s what we know of the Xeon v5 processors so far:

    • 14nm process node
    • LGA 3647 socket
    • E5 range for 2S/4S chips = up to 26 cores
    • E7 range for 4S/8S chips = up to 32 cores
    • 6-channel DDR4 support
    • Up to 38.5 MB L3 cache (E7)
    • At least 20% faster than v4

    The increase in performance of the v5 will naturally come with a price, but it is understood that they won’t be overwhelmingly more expensive than their predecessor.

    We’re thrilled to announce that our new ‘Industrial’ and ‘Server’ series variants of our 1U PC and 1U Nano products are now able to support Intel’s Xeon E3 and E5 v5 processors, our S325 and S345 models already integrating and using the next-gen CPUs.

    Kaby Lake v6 also on the cards

    We don’t mean to jump the gun, but specs are also now emerging with details surrounding the upcoming Kaby Lake E3 v6 processors due to a premature list release. What we can reveal is that the TDP for the v6 will be lower than the v5 by around 7-8W, depending on graphics, and each E3 processor will have 8MB of L3 cache. We can already see these will be faster again than their v5 siblings.

    There is still a lot on the horizon for Intel, and indeed for our products, with the Xeon v5 processors now available in a selected range of our server models. If you think the new Xeon processors could benefit you or you would like to talk more about their advantages, just get in touch.

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  • Intel Kaby Lake

    Intel Kaby Lake kicks clock-speed up a notch, and more besides

    Updated 13/02/2017

    Since the overwhelming successes of Intel’s Skylake architecture last year, the word on everyone’s lips has been ‘What’s next?’ for Intel. We caught only small snippets of information throughout the latter half of 2016, which kept us holding our breath in suspense, until the new Kaby Lake CPU line-up was finally officially introduced at CES 2017.

    So what’s the big deal about Kaby Lake? 

    Like its predecessors, Broadwell and Skylake, Kaby Lake is also built on 14nm technology, and on the surface doesn’t really seem altogether that different to these previous architectures. However, what it has done is dialled its clock-speed up to eleven, making overclocking easy, and has so far demonstrated some really impressive results. Its flagship processor, the i7 7700K is now capable of a base speed of 4.2 GHz and a Turbo Boost speed of 4.5 GHz, even known to comfortably reach new heights of 5 GHz, and beyond. This is driving far greater speed and efficiency across the board thanks to Intel’s Speed Shift technology, even though its performance has stayed still at x86.

    Despite its largely unchanged architecture, there is a lot to look forward to from the advanced features offered by the Kaby Lake line-up.

    Compatible with 6th gen

    Important to note is that Kaby Lake follows Intel’s new Process, Architecture, Optimisation design model, although the processors will be backwards-compatible with their 6th gen ancestors.

    Video media engine

    This new addition to Intel’s processor makes 10-bit content look like a piece of cake. Not only that, but it can also decode Ultra HD video on-chip without affecting battery life – in fact, Intel is claiming a 3x improvement on battery life when decoding 4K on Kaby Lake.

    Intel® Iris Plus 640/650 graphics

    The updated graphics core allows users to stream 4K services with ease, and edit 4K video in real-time. It’s even been suggested by Intel that the 650 will show up to 65% improved graphics performance than the 630, which is great news for those in rich media creation.

    Intel® Optane Ready

    Following the excitement surrounding Intel’s new Optane memory, their next-gen CPUs have an M.2 slot on each board ready for Optane technology, which will act similarly to Intel Smart Response Technology, using Optane as either traditional storage or else to accelerate system performance.

    Support for Windows 10

    As expected, the CPUs are compatible with Windows 10. Following Skylake’s lead, Kaby Lake’s LGA 1151 socket also makes it pin compatible for seamless integration with legacy boards.

    Intel’s Kaby Lake processors have begun shipping, and because of its compatibility with Skylake motherboards we are already integrating them into our own range of Rack and Mini PCs. If you would like to know more about Intel’s new line-up or which of our products will feature it first, just get in touch.

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  • 1U PC short depth Front USB3

    New 1U PC now available to order!

    Updated 09/11/2016

    Back in August, we announced that our long serving, 1U PC was due for a make-over. After 8 years as one of our most popular products, it has now received a well-deserved refresh, and the newest incarnation is now available for our customers to order.

    The new-look 1U PC now boasts greater capacity, ramped up performance, and an even simpler, more user-friendly design. The changes we’ve introduced are heavily informed by customer feedback, enhancing the 1U’s capabilities, but maintaining its reputation for balancing functionality with exceptional value.

    The new 1U PC now features:

    • Dual Width Graphics Card in 1U – A wider PCIe bay accommodates dual width GFX cards, allowing us to support a variety of high performance video cards.
    • Greater HDD/SSD capacity – The 1U PC now uses 4 x Hot Swap Bays which can accommodate up to 8x 5” Hot Swap SSD/HDD, or 3x 3.5” HDDs.
    • Even greater power with 300W upgrade – More demanding applications and higher power graphics cards are more readily accommodated by the new 300W power supply.
    • Quieter operation with less fans – Less fans produce less noise, and combined with our improved dynamic speed fan controller, also offer better internal cooling performance.
    • Front USB 3.0 Ports – We’ve introduced 2x ultra-fast USB 3.0 connection ports at the front as standard at no extra cost.
    • Easy to open quick fit lid – This enables easier access to internal components, making maintenance or upgrades far simpler.

    We’re really excited about the next-generation of 1U PC.  The original product marked a very important milestone for G2 in our bid to be one of the best independent rack mount PC manufacturers in the UK and we believe the latest edition continues to set our products apart.

    If you’d like to learn more about the changes to our 1U PC, or else place an order, please get in touch.

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  • Rackmount two Mini PC 1U

    Big news! Our Micro PC is now rack-mountable!

    Updated 16/09/2016

    We’re introducing a big change to our Micro Mini PC, as for the very first time, it’s now available as a rack-mountable machine. The new 1U Micro is a response to customers expressing a desire to have a neat and tidy installation for 19″ comms cabinets.

    We’ve gone one step further however, creating a rack kit that enables two of the machines to be conveniently mounted side-by-side in 1U to maximise space.  The option to rackmount the Micro in this way means the machines can be conventionally deployed alongside other parts of the typical IT estate, making for easier access and simpler management.

    Why is the Micro so popular?

    The Micro is one of our simplest PCs with no moving parts at all.  A small but mighty machine aimed at the digital signage and information display market, it offers impressive features:

    • Fanless PC – No moving parts ensures the machine runs cool and doesn’t require a fan. In turn the machine is practically silent.
    • Compact design – measuring only 187mm deep it’s built for the smallest of spaces.
    • 24/7 HD content playback – with display and signage in mind, these machines are fully capable of non-stop digital playback.
    • High performance mSATA SSDs – ultra-fast data transfer using the latest solid-state disk technology means they’re lightening quick.

    Discover more about the new 1U Micro or to speak to one of our team, please get in touch.

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  • New 1U Nano retains its crown as our most cost effective rackmount PC

    Updated 08/09/2016

    We’re delighted to reveal that our popular 1U Nano has just been treated to a well-earned refresh. As our shortest 1U PC case to date (measuring just 200mm deep), we’ve simplified the design, enabling us to build in a wealth of new enhancements and achieve an even more attractive price.  As such, the 1U Nano retains its place as our most cost effective rackmount PC, but pleasingly this doesn’t come at the expense of performance – quite the opposite in fact, as the new machine offers impressive credentials compared to its predecessor.  Here’s some of what you can expect:

    • Dual-width graphics card support – This dual slot PCIe x16 expansion bay is capable of taking Dual Width GFX cards.
    • 2x front USB 3.0 ports – A new feature not available on previous models, delivering high-performance connectivity options
    • Hot Swap HDD Bays – The 1U Nano now comes with an optional two bays for 2.5″ HDDs or SSDs.

    Accordingly, the next-generation 1U Nano is set to deliver greater savings, better performance and meet a wider range of deployment scenarios for our customers.

    Available for order now, to learn more about the 1U Nano click here.  Alternatively, get in touch with one of the team for more information.

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  • New industrial motherboard series offers exceptional reliability!

    Updated 23/08/2016

    Continuing the development roadmap for our successful 1U Plus, 2U Nano and 2U PC products, we are now offering a new Industrial Series which utilises the last Intel Xeon V5 Processors and C236 Chipset.

    This high-performance motherboard offers:

    • DDR4 memory support – latest memory compatibility to boost performance
    • Instant front-panel USB 3.0 – for greater device and peripheral connectivity
    • Support for 6th generation Intel Xeon E3 V5 processors – perfect for those looking to make the jump to Skylake
    • Enhanced safeguards – first-class PC protection including stable power control and over-current protection
    • Intel® vPro™ technology – enabling enterprise-class remote management
    • Multi-GPU Support – for high definition AV experience.

    To explore the board further and how it fits into our product line-up, take a closer at our machines. Alternatively, if you’d like to speak directly to a member of the team, get in touch.


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  • 2U Ultra Quiet Short Depth PC

    It’s here! The 2U Nano is now available to order

    Updated 02/03/2016

    Following the success of the 2U Rack PC we are delighted to announce our latest short-depth rack PC release – the 2U Nano.

    The arrival of the 2U Nano is in response to increasing customer demand for an ultra-quiet short depth rack PC that can be deployed in niche installations such as control rooms or recording studios. The 2U Nano therefore focuses on bringing the feature-rich identity of our traditional 2U rack PC in an impressive 370mm case capable of fitting a 400mm comms cabinet, typically available in these scenarios. Like the 2U Rack PC, the 2U Nano is built around an intelligent design and offers strong performance characteristics:

    • Near silent operation
    • ATX Motherboard support for 4-10 Intel Core CPUs
    • Two front panel high speed USB 3.0 ports
    • Up to Four PCIe x16 slots
    • Two 3.5” Hot Swappable HDDs

    With the deployment scenarios in mind, the 2U Nano also runs ultra-quiet due its muted power supply and passive fanless CPU cooler. We believe this will be welcomed by those looking to run a high performance rack PC in sound-sensitive environments like audio-visual production.

    For more information on our 2U Nano NUC click here, or find out more about our wider range of Rack PCs.  Alternatively, get in touch to speak with one of the team.

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  • New architecture takes to the sky at last

    Updated 27/11/2015

    After a period of well publicised constraint, commonplace when transitioning between architectures, Intel has made progress with availability of Skylake; its latest processor platform.  As such, we’re pleased to announce that we are now shipping a number of our products with the new 6th generation architecture including:

    1U Nano – Workstation Series

    1U PC – Workstation Series

    1U PLUS – Entry Level Series

    2U PC  – Entry Level Series 

    We will soon also be able to offer 6th generation support in our ‘Entry Level’ series once a suitable motherboard becomes available. Unfortunately, the ‘Industrial’ and ‘Performance’ options are based on chipsets that are not due for release yet.

    To learn more about the benefits of choosing Skylake, read our recent blog article.  Alternatively, contact us to speak to one of the team.

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  • Awesome new 2U PC case due any day now!

    Updated 30/06/2015

    We’ve been working on a new 2U PC case, which we’re pleased to announce will arrive any day now.

    Our 2U PC has always offered the most amount of expansion flexibility from our rack mounted PC range, the new case builds on this adding new features including:

    Up to three PCI express x16 full height and full length expansion slots

    House pretty much anything including video cards, network cards, sound cards and RAID cards.

    Up to 6x 3.5” SATA/SAS Hot Swappable HDDs

    Offering greater storage capacity and the ability to replace drives without powering down the machine.

    Up to 16x 2.5” SATA Hot Swappable SSDs

    For more performance than SAS/SATA load your machine with SSD instead and achieve lightening speeds for only a modest increase in cost.

    X99 2011-3 Motherboard Support for 6 -10 Core CPUs 5

    More capabilities and performance for high performance computing tasks like media severing, or virtualised computing.

    Two High Speed USB 3.0 Ports on the Front Panel

    Interconnect devices of your choice using the latest High Speed USB standard, without the need to access the rear of the machine.

    If you’d like to learn more about our new 2U PC please contact us

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  • Mount 3 5th Gen NUCs in 1U

    New 1U Rack Mountable NUC case 

    Updated 09/04/2015

    After launching the world’s first rack mount Intel NUC we have continued to innovate the product and now have a new version shipping.

    To accommodate Intel’s motherboard advances we have further developed the bespoke case, while still housing three NUC’s side-by-side in a 1U rack space.  This unique innovation is maintained to make racking the latest 5th Gen NUC modules extraordinarily simple.

    The case upgrade has also brought further enhancements including:

    •  Optional rear mounted 3.5mm Stereo Audio Output, MIC Input and additional USB Port
    • Optional second Gigabit Ethernet Port (4th Gen NUC only)
    • Improved system cooling with optional cooling fan
    • Optional 100W High Output Power Supply

    The new case builds on what has been an exceptionally popular configuration for deploying NUC technology by ensuring the latest iteration of the NUC family is available in this format.

    For more information on our 1U NUC click here, or find out more about our wider range of Rack PC’s.  Alternatively, get in touch to speak with one of the team.

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  • 1U Plus grandMA

    Our new 1U server now shipping! 

    Updated 20/02/2015

    Back in December we announced that our new 1U rack server was available for orders. We’re pleased to announce that the “1U Plus” is now officially shipping and you can find it here.

    To recap, this is our first step into Servers having established a strong heritage in Mini PC and Rack PC products over the last decade.  The 1U Plus is a feature-rich product that delivers great value.  Built from the ground up, we’ve focussed on some of the challenges we believe will be commonplace for our users and tackled them with intelligent design, flexible options and lots of scope for expandability.

    Processor options vary from basic 1150 socket i5 to range topping 2011-3 socket i7 and Xeons.  However, the big differentiator is the 2 x PCI-express 16 slots which offer the capability to fit two PCIe x16 cards or a dual width graphics card.

    The server range comes in three options:

    Workstation – our entry level product, is perfect for everyday workloads and reliability

    Industrial – for those with more demanding requirements and need for greater redundancy

    Performance – a do-anything server for the most aggressive demands

    All are built on a similar technical blueprint as follows however:

    • New X99 Chipset for 6 & 8 Core CPU support
    • Dual PCI express x16 slots for two PCIe cards or Dual Width GFX Cards
    • Two Front USB 3.0 Ports
    • Up to 8x Hot Swap 2.5” HDD and Solid State Drive as standard
    • M.2 Ultra-fast Solid State drive option
    • Sliding Rail Kit option

    Detail on our Server family will shortly appear in the products section of our website.  In the meantime, for more information contact us.

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  • Front USB 3.0 Ports added to 1U rack mount PC 

    Updated 15/12/2014

    From 1st December our 1U rack PC will have the option to upgrade the two front of unit USB ports to USB3.0 version.

    USB 3.0 is the next major revision to the Universal Serial Bus (USB) and offers the same plug and play capabilities seen with previous iterations of USB, but with 10x better performance and improved power management.

    USB 3.0 is becoming increasingly popular for our customers hence the enhancement.

    The option therefore makes the 1U PC a great choice for anyone looking for a small, compact rack pc with simple to access USB 3.0 connectivity.

    For more information on our 1U rack pc’s click here, or contact us for more information.

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