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Sales and Pre-Sales Support

Our Power over Ethernet products include the; 1U NUC, Fanless NUC, Bantam, 1U Nano and 1U PC. The power delivery requirements are determined by the CPU so you should check your network switch or power injector is compatible before ordering.

Minimum suggested standards for 1U NUC and Fanless NUC:

i3 CPU – 802.3AT PoE+ Type 2 (30w)

i5 CPU – 802.3bt PoE++ Type 3 (60W)

i7 CPU – 802.3bt PoE++ Type 4 (100W)

Minimum suggested standards for Bantam, 1U Nano and 1U PC:

i3/i5 CPU* – 802.3bt PoE++ Type 3 (60W)

i7 CPU* – 802.3bt PoE++ Type 4 (100W)

*Please note these CPUs will have the Turbo/Boost Frequency disabled in BIOS due to the huge range of overcurrent the CPUs can draw when in Boost.

Provided you are a registered business, we can sell to you directly. However, we are currently looking to establish links with Partners in order to expand our product reach even further. Please see our ‘Partners’ page for more information on our Heroes in Hardware Programme.

The fastest way to order and purchase a product from us is by email. You can either choose to complete our contact form or just email sales@g2digital.co.uk. We will send you back a quotation to confirm what you are purchasing, at which point we simply require a written confirmation to proceed – typically an email or purchase order.

There are lots of options to customise our off-the-shelf products to closely align with any specific requirements you have. We are also able to completely custom-build Rack or Mini PC appliances however, giving you complete freedom to choose chassis, specification, even component choices. Take a closer look at Applications for more information or contact us at sales@g2digital.co.uk to discuss what’s possible.

G2 Digital is not on any purchasing frameworks so work through reseller partners accordingly. There will soon be a ‘Where to Buy’ area on our website that will detail the resellers we work with, however for now we have established excellent working relationships with Babcock International, Softcat, CDW, ASM Technologies and PCS Business Systems.

Yes, we have recently launched a new partner programme called Heroes in Hardware which provides a pathway for partners to begin selling our products and working closer with us.  The type of business you are will shape the type of partner you become, but we have various options that recognise your investment in the partnership and incentivise accordingly.  To learn more visit Heroes in Hardware.

We can offer credit terms, but this is subject to trading history first. We will then ask you to complete the necessary paperwork to achieve approval with our credit insurers. The only exception is for Education or Government organisations where we can accept a formal purchase order.

Delivery, Returns and Warranty

Typically small quantity orders are built and shipped within 3-4 working days. If you have a more urgent requirement please discuss it with us – we will always do our best to work to your desired timescales.

After-sales support is important at G2 and we never want you to feel like the product you’ve chosen doesn’t fit with your requirements. So, if the specification you have purchased is not powerful enough or something needs changing then we are happy to take the unit back and upgrade it for you.

The standard Warranty for most of our systems is a 2-year return to base. An extended Warranty can also be purchased and is listed on every quote we raise. We prioritise all Warranty claims and aim to repair and ship the unit back to you within 48hrs of receiving it at our site.  More details on our Warranty can be found on our Warranty page.

Technical - Software

Windows 7 OEM has officially reached end of life but there are two options still available. The first one is that Windows 10 Pro enables the end user downgrade rights to Windows 7. We are happy to sell a Windows 10 Pro licence and then pre-install the PC with Windows 7 Pro for you, which means all you have to do is activate it once you receive the PC. The second option is Windows 7 for Embedded Systems. As a Microsoft Embedded Partner we can sell this licence to customers using their PC as an ‘appliance’. Please contact us for more information.

Technical - Installation

Installing Windows 7 on newer motherboards can be time consuming because the latest 6/7th Gen motherboards require USB3.0 drivers to be in the installation media. The process of ‘slip streaming’ can be used to inject the drivers into a copy of the installation media but the process can take up a considerable amount of time if you have not done it before. Thankfully our installation images are ready to go, so if you have purchased a PC from G2 without an operating system we can supply you with a USB Recovery Media with the correct image for your PC and you can still purchase/use your own OEM licence.