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Design-led computer engineering

We design and manufacture high-performing rack mount and mini computers. We combine in-house R&D and innovative thinking to develop ground-breaking PC solutions.

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Big power. Small case. The 1U Titan.

Achieve unprecedented performance with our latest 1U rack mount PC, the 1U Titan. Our ground-breaking fluid cooling loop temperature regulates blistering AMD Threadripper chips.

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New Extended Services; Onsite Warranty and Financing Options

Upgrade your PC’s warranty up to 5 years on-site or RTB. Explore the benefits of our flexible finance options.

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Welcome to G2 Digital

An industry-recognised OEM with a nearly 20-year heritage in manufacturing specialist rack mount computers and compact PCs, G2 Digital’s exceptionally engineered solutions match flexible specifications with high-performance componentry. Proud to both design and build every one of our products in-house, we offer incredible choice and customisation that ensures a PC as unique as your need. From Fanless rack mount PCs purpose-built for challenging installations to enterprise-grade cooling solutions for high-end CPUs, our powerful machines are ready to take on almost anything.

Product Showcase

Hybrid 12th Gen processors herald new age for Intel

Codenamed Alder Lake, 12th Gen processors are set to be the first chipset built using a hybrid design, a significant milestone for Intel that represents the first major processor overhaul for a number of years. Having previously been used for less-powerful mobile devices, hybrid architecture is increasingly being adopted for use with laptop and desktop processors.

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Our Innovations

1U PC Redundant Power Supply

Realise greater reliability with redundant power

Our 1U PC is now more reliable than ever thanks to our addition of an optional 800W redundant power supply unit.


Brilliant branding for rack mount menagerie

Customising the branding of our products has never been simpler or more cost effective.

Compact Design

Server features support AMD Ryzen Threadripper

Now available in our 1U, 2U, 3U, and 4U units, new Server-class features help you capture the awesome power of AMD Ryzen Threadripper.

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The wraps are finally off Nvidia’s new RTX 3080 Ti and 3070 Ti GPUs

Fanless NUC development opens up exciting opportunities

When we created our first Fanless NUC in 2019, we were excited to add to our existing products with an innovative machine that filled a gap in the marketplace. Read More

AMD Threadripper meets 1U enterprise-grade cooling: 1U Titan

As chips from the likes of Intel and AMD continue to become faster and more powerful than ever, it’s getting increasingly difficult to effectively harness this power, particularly within thinner rack mount PCs. Read More

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Responsive Support

Always here when you need us, our friendly, accessible team offers fast in-house technical support and expert product advice.

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Quality Certified

Independently certified by the British Assessment Bureau, quality is a fundamental principal our products and our company are built on.

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Impressive Lead Times

Manufacturing in the UK means lead times for delivery can be just a few days. We also adopt a pragmatic approach to returns striving to complete returns within 72 hours.

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