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Intel’s Upcoming GPU Chip May Be Much Cheaper Than Expected – Is There A Catch?

Anyone looking for a higher-end graphics card in the past year will have noticed the industry supply shortages and expensive resale prices due to crypto mining trends and semiconductor shortages. Now, Intel is set to release their latest GPU innovation, the Intel Arc Alchemist, during Q1 of 2022. Could Intel give NVIDIA and AMD a run for their money?


Why Are Graphics Cards So Hard To Get Hold Of?


Graphics cards are an essential part of the desktop, responsible for creating the display output of your PC. If you have attempted to buy or build a PC, you may have encountered a huge spike in the price of the GPUs widespread unavailability to purchase. The primary cause of the GPU shortage is the lack of silicon chips and increased demand for consumer electronics devices since the pandemic. Samsung is one of the world’s largest suppliers of computer chips, also known as semiconductors. During the pandemic, they had to halt production. The stoppage in production of the chips also caused GPU manufacturers to fall behind.


The Upcoming Intel Arc Alchemist


NVIDIA and AMD compete against one another annually, trying to produce the best graphics card. Intel plans to enter and compete within the market with the Intel Xe lineup, although it has been over a decade since Intel produced a desktop graphics card. The Alchemist card price is yet unconfirmed, but industry speculation suggests that it will likely be cheaper than NVIDIA or AMD cards. Intel is planning to sell over 4 million ARC Alchemists in 2022, which if successful may cause the two current industry giants to start rethinking their pricing strategies. Either way, the Intel GPU may be a great opportunity to get a high-end card for a fair price. Based on Intel’s roadmap, the ARC Alchemist is set to release in Q1 of 2022.


Why You Should Keep An Eye On The Upcoming Intel GPU


Intel hired Vineet Goel as vice president and general manager of the Xe architecture (Intel GPUs) in September of 2021. Goel was the senior director of GPU architecture at AMD, later being promoted to vice president for AMD GPU architecture. But what does this mean for Intel? Hiring one of AMD’s foremost experts may affect the performance of future AMD graphics cards. It also allows Intel to get ahead with Goels experience and contributions, within the design and product of the ARC Alchemist and other Intel graphics cards coming in the near future.


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