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Meet our new 2U PC

We have been working hard behind the scenes to bring you innovative products and we are delighted to announce the launch of our new 2U PC


The original 2U Nano was designed in 2016 and we have sold over 2500 units since. It has been a popular choice of workstation for AV (Audio Visual) professionals looking to integrate high power graphics cards into a compact and transportable format.  

The new 2U PC 

The 2U PC is our latest model and incorporates all the key features of the 2U Nano, however, with increased depth, there is now more space to allow for the larger NVidia GeForce 4000 Series graphics cards. 

We also focused on updating the front panel, creating a coherent style for the entire G2 product range and, as always, we look at ways to develop and improve our products. 

New features include: 

  • Increase in SSD capacity – Can now take up to 8x 2.5″ SSD 
  • Additional 80mm fan for cooling high power CPUs 
  • Dust filtered front panel (as standard) 
  • Sliding rail support for easier servicing and maintenance 

So, what does this mean for you as a customer? 

The additional CPU fan means we can install high power processors while maintaining optimal temperature, and without compromising performance. We have also increased the air intake area in the front panel, further increasing air flow inside the unit and stabilising temperature control. 

In this innovative design we also increased the size of the PCIe area. So, if you need to use larger graphics cards, the new 2U PC can accommodate the monstrously powerful 4080 graphics card. Bringing high end graphics performance back to our Flagship Audio Visual solution. 

The simplified and striking front panel looks so good you might regret hiding it in a server room or flight case. Looks at home alongside professional video and audio equipment and particularly impressive when installed next to our other G2 Products . 

2U PC Front angled view in flight case

The addition of serviceable dust filters to the front panel, means that the 2U PC is easier to keep clean and dust free. Our products are built to last, and a dust free computer will last even longer meaning less waste and making our products the sustainable choice. Replacement filters can be purchased by contacting our friendly sales department. 

We are confident this unit will remain a firm favorite and that you, our customers, will agree that these aesthetic and functional improvements make an excellent product even better!  

Contact Us today to discuss whether our new and improved 2U PC would be a good fit for you.