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We’re looking for ‘Heroes in Hardware’ – join our ranks as an official Partner

We’re delighted to announce that our brand new Partner Programme, Heroes in Hardware, is coming soon. The Programme is a framework that allows us to reward the loyalty and dedication of the companies reselling our products, and celebrate the spirit of partnership by making a wide range of benefits available. We truly value our existing partner community, but are also looking to grow this with a host of new opportunities for mutual gain.

G2 Partners, Assemble

Our 4-level approach identifies the degree of investment customers have made in G2’s products and accordingly defines your partner level. Every G2 partner will initially on-board at the ‘Partner’ level, however there is plenty of opportunity for quick progression to gain even greater commercial benefits through an increasing spend and level of commitment.

Benefits fit for a Hero

Heroes in Hardware provides considerable advantages both for our partners and their customers, with increasing rewards throughout each partner level.

  1. Discounts increase on a 4-level scale, helping partners to boot margins.
  2. Raise your profile as a G2 product reseller by having your company appear on the ‘Where to Buy’ section of our soon-to-arrive revamped website.
  3. Our exceptional warranty and extended support options will also be available for our partners to offer to their customers.
  4. As we’re ‘Made in the UK’, manufacturing and shipment costs are kept to a minimum, allowing companies to reap the benefits of sourcing locally.

We make the process of becoming a G2 partner simple. If you would like to learn more about how to become a Hero in Hardware, please get in touch to request a joining pack.