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NUC goes from strength to strength

Since we launched the world’s first to rack-mounted NUC mini computer, we have continued to develop what has proved to be a hugely successful product in our line-up.  As such, our 1U rack-mount NUC will soon be available with a host of additional features that present new possibilities and an even richer computing experience from this ultra-small form factor appliance.

Ready to ship at the end of September, the 2nd generation of our 1U NUC will now come complete with:

  • Option for second LAN port for even greater connectivity
  • Audio input/output for use hosting a wider choice of applications
  • Additional USB port for further interoperability with external devices
  • New internal directional cooling to support greater performance demands
  • A simple blanking plate to give a tidier appearance when racked and spare NUC slots not in use

This evolving feature set is part of our own product roadmap and commitment to innovating around key Intel technologies.  Likewise, with design, development and production occurring in one UK location, we are proud to be able to respond quickly to customer feedback on our products, enabling us to rapidly enhance what we offer.

If you’d like to know more about our 2nd generation 1U NUC rack PC please contact us.