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NUC miniature computing has evolved

For those unfamiliar with NUC, it’s Intel’s powerful new mini PC.  Built to deliver stunning HD graphics from a low power, high performance unit, NUC has the potential to meet a variety of demanding applications.

When G2 launched its NUC product we broke new ground, manufacturing the world’s first rack-mounted version of the mini pc.  Whilst on the face of it this may not seem impressive, the important innovation was the incorporation of an internal AC/DC power supply, which meant the product could be professionally rack-mounted without unnecessary cable clutter behind the unit once racked.  Prior to this, achieving the same result meant mounting a traditional NUC to a tray and sliding it into a rack – a pretty inconvenient method.   This simple innovation has sparked significant interest across the world from people looking at the possibilities of racking NUC for more intensive applications.

Three NUC’s are better than one!

Our innovation around NUC continues however.  A single rack-mounted NUC exists in 1U, and deployed alone is an in-efficient use of that space.  However, the G2 NUC is built around a modular system that enables a further two NUC’s to be mounted into the same unit of space, so more compute can be added at any time as your needs change.  The benefits of this are many-fold, including:

  • Optimising available real estate – critical when data centre space is so expensive
  • Denser computing in the data centre – three individual mini computers can now co-exist in the same space
  • Consolidate workloads – possible through cluster computing across devices

We believe these new efficiencies around cost and space are compelling and as a consequence have opened up a wealth of new possibilities for NUC computing.

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