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AMD Threadripper meets 1U enterprise-grade cooling: 1U Titan

As chips from the likes of Intel and AMD continue to become faster and more powerful than ever, it’s getting increasingly difficult to effectively harness this power, particularly within thinner rack mount PCs. A prominent issue that often prevents users of these chips from unlocking their full potential is that of cooling. While more power can mean greater performance, it also generally has implications for the chip’s thermal design power (TDP). We’ve seen this recently with the release of AMD’s Threadripper PRO 3995WX CPU, which has a highly impressive 64 cores and 128 threads, but a blistering TDP of 280W. In order to truly get the most out of these chips, therefore, an effective cooling solution is essential. That’s why we’ve created the 1U Titan.

More processing power in less space

Introduced back in August as our latest research and development project, the 1U Titan rack mount PC makes it possible to consistently achieve a higher sustained throughput from high-end CPUs thanks to a cleverly engineered enterprise-grade fluid cooling loop. This includes AMD’s Threadripper PRO series and EPYC CPUs, their flagship 3990X chip, and Intel’s Core X-Series and Xeon Scalable processors. Datacentre-compatible, the compact 1U Titan will enable customers to enjoy optimum processing power in a modest form factor, helping to conserve critical rackspace while still delivering on workstation-equivalent workflows.

The promise of an 800W redundant power supply unit (PSU) also increases the 1U Titan’s reliability, a crucial addition when supporting power-hungry CPUs, and the introduction of U.2 NVMe SSDs into the unit offers improved accessibility, storage capacity, and greater heat dissipation for better performance.

The 1U Titan is overflowing with exciting, Server-class features:

• Support for high-end, high core count AMD and Intel CPUs
• High-efficiency enterprise-grade fluid cooling loop
• 800W dual redundant PSU
• Up to 2x PCIe x16 full length, full height slots
• Up to 16x 2.5” hot swappable drives
• Up to 8x U.2 NVMe SSDs
• IPMI Out of-band Management port
• Dual 10 Gigabit X710 NICs
• Telescopic sliding rail kit as standard

Get more out of your CPUs

We’re in the process of preparing the 1U Titan for launch, having now finished testing the unit, so it won’t be very long before you’ll be able to start getting the most out of your powerful CPUs in a compact rack mount PC. If you would like to find out more about when the 1U Titan will be available for purchase, or else if you’d like to get to know the unit better, please get in touch with one of the team.