G2 Digital has a powerful new rackmount 4U PC that will take your creativity to new heights - G2 Digital
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G2 Digital has a powerful new rackmount 4U PC that will take your creativity to new heights

We are launching our second 4U machine to complement our extensive range of products. 

Our incredibly powerful 4U rackmount PC is a beast of a machine, amped to take creativity to new heights. 

Designed to support high-end graphics (GFX) cards such as the NVIDIA RTX A6000 as well as the NVIDIA 4000 Series cards.   

We can now accommodate more dual-width GFX cards in a single unit than any of our other machines and harness some exemplary features to bring a world of new options to our portfolio.  

Power House 

Designed for the Threadripper Pro platform the 4U PC will continue to be updated to always support the latest in Intel High End Desktop (HEDT) and Xeon workstation processors.  

Combine these world beating Processors with up to 4x professional A6000 GPUs or a pair of GeForce 4090s for a monstrous machine. 

Power Source 

As graphics cards become more powerful, they also consume more energy and the 4U PCs high-output supply provides a stable power source to maximise the full graphics potential of your machine. 

It can support up to 2000W ATX power supplies and has an option to add a 1200W dual redundant power supply unit; so, you’re covered in the event of a PSU failure.  

This winning combination means the 4U PC is ideal for rendering applications, with enough compute power and configuration options to build a highly capable rig. 

Unrivalled expandability 

  • Up to 4x Dual-Width Graphics Cards or 8x full height and full length PCIe cards 
  • Up to 8x U.2 Hot Swappable drives
  • Up to 16x 2.5” Hot Swappable SSDs/Hard drives 
  • Optional Redundant 1200W power supply unit 
  • Support for up to 2000W ATX Power Supplies 

If the 4U rackmount PC is the unit you’ve been looking for, or else if you would like to discover more about its capabilities, please get in touch with our team.