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Benefits of Rackmount NUCs

These compact machines have carved a new market segment and continue to be a popular choice. Let’s dive into why they’re so good, their uses, and why G2 NUC products stand out from the crowd.

What’s a NUC?

Intel first previewed the Next Unit of Computing (NUC) platform in 2012, as a response to the developing mini PC market. Apple’s Mac mini was dominating the market and Intel already had a robust ultra-mobile platform of processors. The NUC was an instant hit among resellers who now had a reliable and simple solution from an established manufacturer.

NUCs offer a unique blend of performance, portability, and customisation, making them attractive to a diverse audience. If you’re looking for a proven space-saving solution, a NUC would be well worth considering! 

We had a different vision

Throughout our history G2 has focused on developing hardware that rackmounts. We saw the potential for the NUC, however the market was already looking competitive; so we came up with a different angle…

“We rely on G2 hardware to run our broadcast software at international trade shows. From the smallest 1U NUC for a simple browser PC, to the Nano that accommodates a full-size PCIe card (like the SkypeTX SDI capture card), and up to the more powerful 2U and 3U units for high-end video and processing needs (like vMix and VirtualRack), G2’s hardware is reliable and stands up to the rigors of international shipping.”  – Chris Voce, Special Projects Engineer, Broadcast Bionics

The challenge with rack mounting is creating both a format that’s the right size and airflow that works in a rack cabinet. The onboard cooler is designed to blow hot air out of the rear but feed from the top. Our design improves this by drawing air in from the front  of the rack cabinet and passing through the case aided by an axial fan.

NUC Heat flow illustration

The NUC is a popular choice for many customers who are looking for real-world performance in a tidy rack mountable case. Our rackmounted NUCs offer these additional options: 

  • Built-in 110-230V AC power supply
  • Two, or even Three, Ethernet Ports 
  • Power over Ethernet
  • RS232 Port


Why is G2 Different – our secret sauce 

Intel NUCs are incredibly small, measuring just a few inches but this doesn’t include the bulky AC power brick. Our NUC power supply is built-in.

Our NUC can be mounted anywhere, including in a rack cabinet, tidy, robust, and engineered for purpose. The Intel NUC can only be mounted in a cabinet with a rack tray or shelf making it insecure and and untidy.

      Comparison of 3 types of NUC

Are you a fan of the fanless?   

Our NUC designs have evolved over the years. Customers quickly asked for something low noise –  so the 16FN Fanless NUC was born.

The 16FN has been built with bullet-proof precision. Powered by the latest Intel® Core™ Processors, and housed in a rugged aluminium case. The custom thermal design, allows it to operate silently.

Racked and Ready 

It’s all about the density when rackmounting hardware. For most  it comes down to cost per U of space. Our designs not only pack the most NUC into a 1U space but we can make it silent too.

Use Cases: 

Desktop PC – NUCs are ideal for clutter-free work spaces. They’re portable, flexible, and less expensive than traditional desktops.

Conference PC – Great for office setups, conference rooms, where a silent workhorse is needed.

Digital Signage – NUCs power displays in retail stores, airports, and other public spaces.

Control PC – Perfect for applications that need a reliable, durable, dust resistant compact computer.


Compare G2 Digital
NUC Products

  1U NUC product 16FN Front Angled
Product 1U NUC  16FN 

i3 Processor

i5 Processor

i7 Processor




C313L POE 



Size (WxDxH): 146x200x44.4mm  220x180x44mm 
Weight: 2.3 KG  3 KG
Power Supply:  110-230VAC, 12V-20VDC  110-230VAC, 12V-20VDC or PoE++ 
Front USB:  1x USB3.0  1x USB3.0 


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