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We’ve got some power 4U


Introducing our latest innovation in high-performance computing:

The 4U PC High-Power Rack Mount Computer. Engineered to deliver unparalleled processing power and reliability, this cutting-edge system is designed for demanding applications and intensive workloads. With its sleek rack-mountable form factor, the 4U PC is optimised for data centres, server rooms, and other professional environments where space is at a premium.

Featuring state-of-the-art components, advanced cooling solutions, and ample room for expansion, this powerhouse is built to handle the most resource-intensive tasks with ease. Whether you’re a data scientist, engineer, or IT professional, the 4U PC High Power Rack Mount Computer is the ultimate solution for your computing needs.

Designed for flexibility, almost any specification is possible:

  • Up to 4x Dual-Width Graphics Cards or 8x full height and full length PCIe cards
  • Up to 8x U.2 Hot Swappable drives
  • Up to 16x 2.5” Hot Swappable SSDs/Hard drives
  • Optional Redundant 1200W power supply unit
  • Support for up to 2000W ATX3.0 Power Supplies

Enterprise-grade cooling for Intel and AMD chips

The more powerful the processor, the hotter it gets. We’ve engineered innovative, enterprise-grade cooling solutions to optimise the performance of Intel and AMD’s latest flagship CPUs while keeping the host machine’s temperature under control.

Redundant hot-swappable power supply

PC failure is simply not an option for many rackmount installations. Our redundant hot-swappable power supply options provide your unit with added failover protection in the event of a fault, increasing reliability and improving support for intensive workloads.

U.2 and M.2 PCIe hot-swappable drive bays

Whatever your preference of NVMe connector, we offer a hot-swappable drive bay option for both U.2 and M.2. Harness the impressive data transfer speed of M.2 or enjoy the convenience, capacity, and heat control of U.2, as well as SATAIII and SAS.

Sliding rail kit

Our sliding rail kit makes for the simplest rackmount PC installation. Your G2 PC can be mounted into a 19” rack with no tools and minimal fuss, ensuring an accessible and tidy rack once deployed.

Our brand new 4U PC sits at the pinnacle of high-end compute power so get ready to elevate your performance to new heights with this exceptional computing powerhouse!

All our products come with a 2-year return to base warranty as standard. Extended warranty options are also now available.

Rackmount PC Specialists

G2 Digital specialise in rack mounted systems. Providing compact well-built systems featuring high end GPUs.

Our experts can work directly with you to design and build a bespoke or tailored solution. Contact our team on +44(0) 333 880 4242 or drop us an email.