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Our technology has hosted software for a broad variety of applications and has been put to work in locations from the everyday to the extreme including grit lorries, yachts and outdoor events.

Why choose an appliance?

Essentially, it’s about playing to strengths – you design great software, we’ll do the same with the hardware.

  • Hardware optimised to the precise specifications and needs of your software
  • Pre-integrate your software so you know it works straight out the box
  • Make your software easier to deploy and your customer’s lives easier
  • Fully customised – inside and out including corporate colours and livery
  • Provide a better customer experience
Green Hippo

Green Hippo Case Study

G2 Digital have provided bespoke solutions for Green Hippo, hardware manufacturers for the A/V industry. Read more

Six Simple Steps


1. Consult

Tell us what would really make your software rock, what you’ve not been able to get quite right till now and the limitations of mainstream host hardware.


2. Design

We’ll come up with designs, lots of designs. They’ll give our vision of what the appliance might look like and what it will comprise of.

paper plane

3. Build

You’ll need a prototype so you can see what it will look like and how it will perform.


4. Innovate

We don’t just finish there. As we get to know you and your product we’ll continue to innovate, bringing ideas and suggestions.


5. Manufacture

Our purpose-built workshop is capable of scaling production to deliver whatever you need


6. Test

We’ll test, test and test again to make sure what we’ve built is up to the job. Only then will we go into production.

Whilst there is a small amount of upfront investment in terms of time and money, we see custom builds as a partnership and genuinely buy-in to what you’re looking to achieve. The result is you’ll end up with a solution that is uniquely yours yet comparably priced to an ‘off the peg’ product.

Importantly, we’re not a multi-national PC manufacturer. Everything we do is designed and manufactured onshore in the UK.

If you’d like to know more about custom build solutions please contact us.