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2017 ushers in long-awaited 7th gen NUC for Intel

We’ve been on the edge of our seats in anticipation of Intel’s new 7th gen NUC line-up ever since they revealed their intentions back in August. There’s already been a lot of speculation and leaked information about what to expect in 2017 from Intel, but thanks to their announcement at CES 2017, we’ve now been given a bit more of a glimpse into their secret world.

The 7th gen NUCs are now available for pre-order, built with new CPU architectures Intel has dubbed ‘Kaby Lake’ following on from the successes of Skylake. We have also learned, to our great delight, that the disappointment we faced when board-only versions of the 6th gen NUC were dropped is slowly subsiding with the promise that a vPro ‘Commercial’ variant of the 7th gen will be back.

Here’s what to get excited about from the latest hardware:

  • Intel 7th generation Core i3, i5 and i7 processors
  • Two HDMI 2.0 Outputs for full 4K support
  • Intel Optane Memory ready
  • Support for Windows 10
  • 3 year product lifecycle

It’s anticipated that the i3 processor NUC models will ship later this month, and the i5 and i7 processor NUCs are due to ship in April.

The most important thing to note about the new 7th generation NUCs is that a product line for both Commercial and Consumer will be available. Here at G2, we have access to the Commercial line-up which will come as a board-only configuration by itself with a vPro variant specifically designed for Enterprise deployments.

We’re very much looking forward to the 7th generation NUC to start shipping and can’t wait to start building it into our next wave of machines. As the first company in the world to rack-mount the NUC, our team is poised to continue this innovation.

If you would like to find out more about what to expect from the 7th gen NUC, please contact us.