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AMD’s first DDR5 platform will reach, ‘speeds that you maybe thought couldn’t be possible’

Clues to an upcoming AMD Ryzen processor with DDR5 support have been discovered by hardware detectives. This unannounced processor will certainly challenge other top-end CPUs on the market.

What is DDR5?

Changes to PC RAM happen rarely, as DDR4 has been around for 8 years now. However, the time for a refresh is currently due within the hardware industry with the rollout of DDR5. DDR5 is the most recent evolution of a PC’s main memory that primarily focuses on increasing the density and bandwidth of RAM, whilst lowering the power consumption. One of the biggest differences between DDR4 and DDR5 is the capacity. Top DDR4 models max out at 128GB over four DIMM slots, whereas DDR5 can quadruple this to a staggering 512GB.

DDR5 benefits

Memory is an essential hardware component within any PC or laptop. Responsible for the transfer of data to the processor on both the rising and falling edges of the clock signal. 

In comparison to a DDR4 module, a DDR5 module has a 36% increase in bandwidth at the same transfer rate, perfect for image editing and rendering. The main difference between the two standards is the density and size of the memory chips. DDR4 was capped at 16GB, in contrast to DDR5 which can use up to 64GB. To find out more about DDR5 read our guide here.

What we know so far

Very little is known about the leaked chip. We do know that DDR5 compatibility and support was likely to arrive this year with Ryzen 7000 CPUs as they attempt to keep up with competitors. The leaked benchmark shows eight cores, 16 threads with 16GB of memory that clocks at 4,800MHz. This screams DDR5, the processor’s name and other specifications are still unknown.

Watch this space as we will be sure to share more details about our AMD line refresh featuring this new processor as soon as it is ready!

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