The Challenge

To establish small form factor computer production to enable future product innovation and quick response to market opportunity. Specifically, Green Hippo wanted:

  • To manufacture onshore to exacting standards
  • Technical hardware knowledge that could be lent to product development process
  • A manufacturing partner who would add value to their products

The Solution

Various small form factor computer appliances built-for-purpose to meet the increasingly common physical constraints in the Media environment without compromising on performance or capacity.

Over the course of many years several appliances have been developed including The Hippocritter, The Hyppotizer Chipmunk, Rackoon and Grasshopper.

The Benefits

Through a long term partnership and investment by both parties, Green Hippo has an important partner, considered an extension of their own in-house team. This has resulted in:

  • Responsive turnaround against tight timescales
  • Valuable innovation to help make products best in class
  • A UK manufacturing base and proximity to the Green Hippo team for better outcomes
  • The design and manufacture of high quality products at the right price point
  • A simple and straightforward custom build process
The Hippocritter
Capability: No HD Video, video resolution
Factor: 1U Rack
Hippotizer Chipmunk
Capability: 2 layers of HD video
Factor: 1U Nano Rack
Capability: 4 layers of HD video
Factor: 1U Rack
grass hopper
Capability: 6 layers of HD video
Factor: 2U Rack