The Challenge

To create a bespoke hardware solution for an unattended commentary system to be used inside the vehicles during test drives and promotional events.

CogApp, a market application specialist, had created software for Land Rover that would trigger audio tracks according to GPS coordinates on a planned route. They now needed a hardware solution to host it that would:

  • Easily be built into the vehicle
  • Run on battery for 5 minutes before engine start
  • Withstand a high vibration environment
  • Be simple to update in the field by non-IT personnel

The Solution

A custom-build solution was created for Land Rover which incorporated:

  • Solid State PC, no moving part
  • Power efficient fan-less processor
  • GPS receiver with locking connector
  • CF card was mounted internally but could be removed/inserted without removing the lid of the unit
  • Wide input DC Power Supply
  • Windows Embedded operating system

The Benefits

The in-vehicle solution stood up to the test and accomplished significant design objectives important to enhancing the customer experience during test drive:

  • Minimised potential for hardware failure with solid state design
  • Small form factor stows conveniently into vehicle with minimal interior disruption
  • Solid state components overcome heavy vibration the result of off-road routes
  • Locking connectors keep appliance operational at all time