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Colossal 60 TB SSD breaks new ground in storage market

A tidal wave of opportunity is on its way for systems manufacturers following August’s Flash Memory Summit in California, as data storage company, Seagate, unleashed the Kraken of solid-state drive storage – their 60 TB SSD.

This incredible progression from Seagate sees Samsung’s 15 TB revelation of last year dwarfed, as the 4-times-larger 60 TB drive is now leagues ahead as the world’s largest. And Seagate’s ambition doesn’t stop there – they are fully confident that their 3.5-inch form factor design will be able to scale-up to as much as 100 TB!

As testament to its colossal capabilities, the 60 TB SSD is able to store 400 million photos or an equivalent of 12,000 films. Its high-density form factor is built to support both ‘hot’ and ‘cold’ data, so this data no longer needs to be dealt with separately.

We’re excited about what we can expect from Seagate’s SSD monster, as early revelations include:

  • Dual-Port 12 Gbit/s SAS interface
  • Micron’s latest NAND flash
  • 150,000 random read IOPS
  • Exceptional power efficiency with 4 TB/watt

The pricing for the 60 TB SSD has not yet been confirmed, however it is promised that the cost per Gigabyte will be the most economical seen to date. It is speculated that we can look forward to seeing Seagate’s creation breach the surface sometime early next year.

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