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Coming 2022: AMD Announces Refresh With 3D V-Cache

Will This Refresh Offer An Improvement In Performance?

Greatly speculated, AMD’s Ryzen 5000 series has been due for a refresh. Whilst it is still uncertain when this will happen, as AMD Zen architecture celebrates its 5th anniversary, the chipmaker has now confirmed that it will be refreshing the Zen 3 processors in early 2022.   


How Does This Refresh Change Things?

Differing from previous versions, these new processors will make use of AMD’s newest 3D chiplet technology, which will increase the amount of V-Cache on the chip. Whilst this is applaudable news, the percentage increase of V-Cache will be around 15%. It is debatable whether or not this increase in percentage is truly worth it, however the new processors will be compatible with AM4 motherboards – another bonus.


What Is AMD Planning For 2022?

Previously when AMD began talking about upcoming changes to 3D V-Cache technology, it was promised by Dr Lisa Su that production would be ready by the end of 2021. Given the release window, this looks like it is still viable and on course to go ahead.

John Taylor, AMD’s CMO, and Robert Hallock, director of technical marketing, confirmed the Ryzen 5000 series refresh, alongside a laptop series coming in early 2022. This new series will maximize power efficiency, incorporating a “Power Management” framework capable of handling the CPU load and power consumption in a balanced manner. Whilst this series has yet to be confirmed by name, most likely this will be named the Ryzen 6000 series.


What Does This Mean?

Not only are 3D chiplets to be introduced in 2022, it is likely that we will see Ryzen processors shifting to another platform in the last quarter. Robert Hallcock confirmed that the new platform will support PCIe 5.0, DDR5 memory and will be compatible with existing AM4 CPU coolers.

The introduction of so many new assets by AMD is something to note as Intel’s 12th generation Alder Lake chips have now hit the market. Performance benchmarks that have been leaked suggest major Alder Lake performance gains in comparison with Ryzen 5000.

We will need to wait till the release of AMD’s 3D V-Cache to assert whether or not it is enough to keep Alder Lake at bay. 


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