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Could NVIDIA AI design GPUs in the future?

During the GTC 2022 conference, NVIDIA showed us how machine learning and artificial intelligence could help to create more powerful graphics cards in the future. Disclosed by Bill Dally – NVIDIA’s Chief Executive Scientist and Senior Vice President of Research, spoke about how they are already utilising Artificial intelligence (AI) and Machine learning (ML) for upcoming cards set to release this year.


How could AI & ML help development?

AI is already being used in a number of industries. Recent breakthroughs have enabled AI-based technical systems to solve problems and relay the data back for analysis. ML is a subsection of AI. ML uses computers designed to think similarly to humans, identifying patterns in data to highlight issues and improve efficiency. 

NVIDIA identified four major sections within the GPU design process and how the use of AI can drastically increase GPU performance.

AI and ML are being used to monitor and map voltage drops, standard cell migration and error anticipation. Computer intelligence has optimised all of these processes, which has helped NVIDIA achieve major gains quickly. Bill Dally said that through the use of AI and ML, mapping voltage drop, accuracy has improved up to 94%!  Dally also shared that using AI and ML has lowered IR drop calculation times, a common GPU design task from three hours to three seconds! 


With these recent breakthroughs, could computers design their own components in the near future?

This sounds very Sci-Fi but in a way they already are. ML and AI modelling  is already allowing chip designers to identify issues with circuit design that no human would be able to calculate by hand.


How is NVIDIA going to harness both AI & ML?

NVIDIA is planning to focus on AL and ML going forward. The company is dedicating five of its laboratories to research and develop new technology. Dally hinted that we may see the new progress and use of AI and ML in the upcoming 5 and 7 nm designs, which includes the Ada Lovelace series which is set to release this year. More about the upcoming NVIDIA cards can be found here. The next generation of NVIDIA graphics cards; the RTX 40-series will be seriously powerful.


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