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Could Nvidia GPU Cards Be Manufactured By Intel In The Future?

Nvidia has teased the possibility that future cards of theirs may be manufactured by Intel. This could take Nvidia to the top of the competition after years of rivalry with AMD. Whilst the facts aren’t set in stone just yet, Intel taking control of the manufacturing could surpass Nvidia in size and position in the current GPU market. 


What We Know About The Potential Collaboration So Far


Nvidia is open-minded to the possibility of a collaboration with the computer hardware giant, Intel. Nvidia’s CEO, Jensen Huang, commented on the current situation stating that Nvidia is open to collaboration with team blue. He also mentioned that he is delighted with what Intel has created and its progression in the past few years. This information arose prior to Intel’s entry into the GPU market with the ARC Alchemist. More about the upcoming Intel GPU can be found here. Pat Gelsinger; Intel CEO, also stated that the company is thrilled by Nvidia’s interest in their manufacturing capabilities.


Why Is Nvidia Considering A New Manufacturing Partner?


Intel has been investing heavily into new ‘Fabs’, short for semiconductor fabrication plants. Approximately 75% of all Intel’s semiconductor manufacturing comes from the USA. They are now planning to build a new fabrication facility in Germany whilst also expanding their current Fab in Ireland. They recently announced that over 35 billion dollars will be invested to improve research and development along with the manufacturing services and speed within Europe.


As such, it makes complete sense that Nvidia would want to outsource their chip-making to the experts themself. Nvidia currently uses TSMC and Samsung for chip production, AMD also uses TSMC which may be the reason that Nvidia is looking towards Intel. Even though both Intel and Nvidia CEOs seem very interested in the partnership, you shouldn’t expect any Nvidia GPUs coming out of one of Intel’s Fabs in the near future. The deal and official partnership will take an extended period of time to be confirmed and completed.


What Is Next For Nvidia?


For now, we know that Nvidia has three cards in the pipeline; Hopper, Blackwell and Ada Lovelace. We know that Lovelace is based on TSMC’s 5nm node that Nvidia paid ‘big money’ for. We also know that the Hopper card will also be made by TSMC using their advanced 4nm node that made its debut in the H100 GPU. This chip features a gargantuan 80 million transistors, it will also feature PCIe Gen 5.0 speeds. We have no information on the Blackwell card as of yet, however, could Intel manufacture it? 


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