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Fanless NUC development opens up exciting opportunities

When we created our first Fanless NUC in 2019, we were excited to add to our existing products with an innovative machine that filled a gap in the marketplace.

The result of an extensive research and development project, we created a high performance, compact PC that was perfect for those working in noise-sensitive environments. Since its launch at Amsterdam’s ISE event, the Fanless NUC has proved to be a popular addition to our portfolio. As such, we’ve been working away behind the scenes to further refine our original design and see what new features or capabilities we could add.

As you might have already seen in our blog discussing Intel 11th Gen NUCs, we’ve recently undertaken another development project. We wanted to go beyond refining our original Fanless NUC to accommodate Intel’s 11th Gen products, to also explore alternative, value-adding manufacturing and design enhancements. The result is an updated prototype of the Fanless NUC, which we’ve codenamed the 16FN.

What are the major changes?

The first significant change with the 16FN is a variation to the manufacturing process.

Our original Fanless NUC is custom machined. This produces a high-quality result, but is a costly process that’s not as scalable as we’d like. To that end, we have been exploring the use of a die cast process. This alternative production method could allow us to manufacture the 16FN in greater quantities, reducing the overall price of each machine for our customers.

Inside the unit we’ve also experimented with additional cooling features. In the absence of a noisy cooling fan, we’ve designed a custom heat pipe system that offers improved heat distribution throughout the unit. Heat generated at the unit’s core is more effectively transferred across the rest of the unit, reducing its overall temperature. Initial testing has yielded some impressive results that we’re hoping to be able to share with customers soon.

Looking to the future

While this project is purely for research purposes at this stage, these changes could yield some exciting benefits for both our business and our customers.

The most compelling of these is likely to be a lower price point for a new Fanless NUC, bringing the cost much more in line with the standard NUC.

Aside from commercials, the new heat pipe system will significantly reduce the units core temperature, allowing users to achieve a higher performance threshold without fear of overheating.

We’re excited by what the 16FN project means for future additions to our product line, but this experimental Fanless NUC isn’t going to made available for sale just yet.

In the meantime, if you’d like to learn more about the rest of our product range, speak with a member of the team.