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How The Upcoming NVIDIA 4000 Series Cards Could Help Aid The GPU Shortages

A considerable amount of money is being spent by Nvidia to ensure enough manufacturing capacity for its next generation of GPUs. This may be promising news, especially considering the current graphics card shortage. 


It is expected that Nvidia will spend as much as £7.3 billion to secure enough 5nm capacity at TSMC. This is to ensure the production of chips for next-generation “Lovelace” products. 

Improving Performance 


The RTX 4000 series is expected to drop from 8nm to 5nm in 2022 with Ampere GPUs. This will benefit Nvidia, giving it room to improve performance.



For the second half of 2022, we have been promised a considerable uptick in production and stock levels from Nvidia. Given the inventory woes which have negatively impacted anyone trying to buy RTX 3000 graphics cards, Nvidia should ensure that launch stock of 4000 models aren’t thin on the ground. The last thing anyone wants is for the next-gen of GPUs to be unavailable to buyers. 


Nvidia will be keeping a close eye on rival GPU maker AMD. Team Red has already been praised for making its graphics card easier to buy.


AMD’s purchase of Xilinx will help bolster its supply chain. Furthermore, the company has outlined its long-term strategy for ensuring stock problems are resolved.


AMD is rumoured to be using that process for it’s RDNA 3 GPUs which are expected to arrive later this year to face off against RTX 4000. Thus this will make for fierce competition for Nvidia on 5nm. 


Final Thoughts 


The current Graphics card shortage has been a pain for many PC users. Nvidia has recognised this and is investing heavily to secure manufacturing capacity for next-gen users. 

G2 Digital, specialists in rack mounted PCs, expect that fierce competition from AMD and Intel will push Nvidia even further. 

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