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Intel Are Combining CPU And GPU Cores To Produce A Supercomputing Chip

Intel has recently teased the new CPU and GPU blended chip. Codenamed Falcon Shores, the new chip will collect and combine CPU and GPU hardware into one socket. Will the new chips eliminate the need for separate CPU and GPU hardware in the future? 


What Do We Know So Far About The ‘Falcon Shores’


Intel announced that the new Xeon chips collect both CPU and GPU hardware into a single socket, maximising performance across high-performance computing (HPC). The new processors; Falcon Shores, will combine x86 CPU cores with Xe-HPC GPU cores connecting to a shared “high-bandwidth memory”. Intel stated that the new processors are set to release in 2024, creating a path towards Zettascale supercomputing systems.


What Are XPUs?


The traditional computer relies on separate GPU and CPU hardware devices to function and equalise performance. However, Intel announced that integrating both, creating an XPU will have significant performance benefits and advantages. Systems using XPU solutions will have huge performance and efficiency improvements, ideal for systems that handle large amounts of data or artificial intelligence units.


What Applications Is The Falcon Shores Aimed Towards?


While details remain sparse.  We do know that the XPU will be primarily geared towards computing enormous sets of data and training gigantic AI models. The Falcon is built on top of an array of impressive technologies, including Angstrom era process tech and extreme bandwidth shared memory to name a few of the announcements so far.


Intel’s Roadmap / Plan


Today’s supercomputers use general-purpose CPUs, which allow workloads to run using strong single-thread performance along with GPU accelerators to help balance the workload. Falcon Shores is said to be one of the first XPU chips allowing the potential for the first ZettaFLOP class computers. Intel plans to increase supercomputer performance by 1000x before 2027.


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