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What is an Intel NUC computer?

Over the last year couple of years Intel has been busy, not re-inventing the computer, but certainly taking it to a new level of tiny. This new tech is evidently so important in Intel’s road map that they are stopping production of all desktop motherboards over the next 2 years in favour of the NUC computer.

NUC or Next Unit Computing is a proprietary nano PC format measuring just 10cm square. Despite its small size it still includes technology like USB3, 16GB RAM support, an HDMI, DisplayPort and 2x mini PCI express slots that you would find on a full size desktop motherboard.

Processor technology has come from Intel’s hard work on Ultra book platforms already common place in the market. This means in the latest NUC platform (D54250WYB/K) you get a 2.6GHz i5 CPU with hyper threading and Intel’s HD5000 graphics chip.

It can be purchased in two ways, either as a complete mini PC or as a basic barebones motherboard with CPU and cooler. For much of the consumer market Intel’s own case will suffice and there are already plenty of manufacturers who are starting to look at other spin off options. For example Tranquil PC has design a very nice looking fanless case in which you can fit any of the NUC motherboards.

We have our own thoughts on applications for NUC and soon we will be releasing information on our product offering.