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Intel pledge Net-Zero by 2040

Intel has set out a new roadmap of plans to reduce its carbon footprint. The multinational technology company has pledged to achieve Net-Zero greenhouse gas emissions throughout its operations globally by 2040. 

A company’s emissions can be categorised by Scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions:

  • Scope 1, the direct emissions from the company.
  • Scope 2, the indirect emissions, for example emissions from an electricity supplier.
  • Scope 3, usually the largest, covers emissions from both suppliers and customers.

Sustainability targets

Intel has set a number of targets to reach by 2030 which include:

  • 100% renewable electricity usage globally.
  • An investment of $300,000,000 towards energy conservation within the facilities, to achieve a staggering 4 billion cumulative kilowatt-hours of energy savings.
  • The creation of new facilities that meet the U.S Green Building Council LEED program standards in Europe, the US and Asia.

These targets highlight Intel’s commitment to sustainability. 

How will Intel’s products change

To reduce Scope 3 emissions, Intel plans to increase the efficiency of their products. The goal is to achieve 5x the performance per watt, in the next generation CPU-GPU Falcon Shores. More about the upcoming chip can be found here. Further carbon reductions are to be to offered Intel’s customers, to lower total platform emissions through the following innovations:

  • Reducing the size of the main boards.
  • Increasing system energy efficiency and display efficiency, reducing overall power consumption.
  • Using new bio-based circuit boards which will aid the separation of materials and components at the recycling stage, reducing electronic waste.

Intel has partnered with Dell, creating the Concept Luna prototype laptop, to showcase the future of sustainable design.

Sustainable solutions

Intel is collaborating with hundreds of industry partners to create and develop solutions that improve compute power and efficiency, reducing the strain on the environment. One such partner is Submer, specialists in data centre cooling. Submer uses immersion cooling in their data centres, utilizing the heat captured as an energy source.  Increased density and reduced carbon footprint are two very attractive propositions to Submer’s customers.

Rackmounted PC’s sustainably

At G2 Digital we care deeply about sustainability and for that reason:

  • We design our products to last.
  • We will always repair wherever possible.
  • We ship with minimal packaging. 
  • We will recycle or reuse any G2 system you return to us.

Our expert team at G2 Digital have 20 years of experience designing and developing and supporting systems. Tailored to your business needs. Or a fully custom solution. Take a look at our rack mounted and mini PCs here, or get in touch and talk to us about your project on +44(0)1252 711114.