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Intel end motherboard production; but some models live on

Intel recently announced that it will leave the desktop motherboard market entirely over the next 2 years and focus on its new Intel NUC (Next Unit Computing) technology.

For many Resellers and System Integrators like G2 Digital it means a head ache of sourcing an alternative product, testing it and of course gaining customer confidence in a different manufacturer. That said, during this transition Intel has thrown out a life line and announced an Extended Life program for some of its Intel Atom based motherboards.

The Intel DN2800MT has been a popular motherboard amongst mini PC manufacturers, because of its compact size, in built DC/DC power converter and bootable mini PCI express slot. Under this program it will be replaced by the DN2800MTE which appears to be the same in all but name.

Interestingly other high profile manufacturers like ASRock are also releasing a product (DN2800) that are fundamentally the same as the DN2800MT so it seems this quite basic motherboard has some more life left in it yet.

Thankfully Microtronica have recently informed us that Intel has now confirmed a delivery date for the new DN2800MTE for the beginning of November. I’m sure with many back orders to fulfill it will take time for supply to return to the market but we are at least grateful our Nano PC can continue in production.