New star Ryzen
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New star Ryzen

The highly anticipated AMD Zen 4 Ryzen 7000 Series is set to launch Autumn 2022. Whilst Intel regained the crown for performance with their 12th Gen Alder Lake models. AMD is firing back by releasing details on their upcoming Zen 4 CPUs. With Ryzen 7000 arriving and Intel’s Raptor Lake close on the horizon the battle for supremacy in the desktop CPU market is far from over.  

Key features:

  • Zen 4 moves to the new AM5 socket
  • Coolers backwards compatible from AM4 (previous socket)
  • DDR5, find out more here
  • PCIe 5.0
  • Boost frequencies up to 5.5 GHz+
  • RDNA 2 integrated graphics
  • 8-10% Instructions Per Clock cycle (IPC)
  • 25% more performance per Watt

This all-new architecture has been in development since 2020, using a process based on TSMC’s 5nm technology. 

AMD has teased that the Zen 4 chips will get some AI acceleration features. It also comes with some considerable performance improvements. While core count will remain the same, capped at 16 cores with 32 threads. Boost clock speeds will increase up to 5.5Ghz+.  Instructions Per Clock cycle (IPC) and performance per watt will also rise markedly.

Similar to Intel’s offerings, Zen 4  will feature inbuilt GPUs, so you won’t need to have a separate graphics card. Good news for our Mini PCs and smaller rackmount PC formats. 

CPU battle update

From what we know so far, AMD is certainly giving Intel a fight. AMD seems set to take the top spot when Ryzen 7000 drops. Intel will most likely riposte by releasing the 13th Gen Raptor Lake chips shortly after. 

Early adoption?

Ryzen 7000 has an impressive feature set. PCle 5.0 and DDR5 will be the standards to look for moving forward.  Allowing for a great increase in memory and expansion card bandwidth. Leaving plenty of room to support faster memory and more powerful cards that are yet unreleased. 

AMD have pledged that the AM5 socket will be as long lived as AM4 (Which lasted five CPU generations). So it would definitely be a safe time to invest in a system as there will be plenty of scope to upgrade the CPU, memory and expansion cards without needing to change the mainboard. With an eye to AMDs future, Zen 4 upgraded with 3D V-cache is to come in 2023 and Zen 5 is expected to release in the second half of 2024.

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