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Our longest serving 1U PC product gets exciting re-work!

Since its release more than 8 years ago, our 1U PC has become one of the mainstays of our product portfolio. Not only has it been used in countless deployment scenarios, but it has helped us build and sustain our reputation as one of the best independent rack mount PC manufacturers in the UK.

As ever, we’ve worked hard to incorporate lots of new customer-driven features. Our aim was to make the 1U PC align even closer with the most common use cases our customers are looking to tackle and to deliver greater value than ever in this small form-factor design.  As such, we’re delighted to share some of what’s coming with the refresh.

  • Dual Width Graphics Card in 1U – We’ve created a wider PCIe bay to accommodate dual width GFX cards. This means we can now support a variety of high performance video cards.
  • Greater HDD/SSD capacity – We are now using 4 x Hot Swap Bays which can accommodate up to 8x 5” Hot Swap SSD/HDD. Or 3x 3.5” HDDs.
  • Even greater power with 300W upgrade – A new 300W power supply is available for the more demanding applications or higher power graphics cards.
  • Quieter operation with less fans – We have spent some time testing and analysing the new enclosure and have found less fans are in fact better. Plus our improved dynamic speed fan controller offers reduced fan noise and greater internal cooling performance.
  • Front USB 3.0 Ports – The new model now comes with 2x ultra-fast USB 3.0 connection ports at the front as standard at no extra cost.
  • Easy to open quick fit lid – The 1U PC will now come with a quick fit lid for easy access to internal components making maintenance and upgrades simpler.

Whilst these are welcomed enhancements, the tried and tested formula that has made the 1U PC such a popular product remain the same.  Customers will still find that the product perfectly blends functional design with exceptional performance.

There’s a lot to get excited about with the new 1U PC and we’ll be taking orders for it very soon. If you’re interested to know more get in touch, or stay tuned for launch.