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Preparing for Broadwell

Broadwell is the codename for Intel’s 5th generation Core processor series.  It’s based on the same microarchitecture as its predecessor (Haswell) with performance and efficiency improvements provided by the reduced chip size, which is the first in Intel’s new 14nm core manufacturing process.

The significant reduction in size compared to Haswell (which was a 22nm architecture) looks set to deliver some compelling benefits, including massive improvements in power efficiency (Intel claim 30% over its predecessor) and better performance per watt.  The smaller processor will invariably lead to new form factor devices and is presenting some interesting opportunities for our own product line-up, which we’re actively exploring.  Interestingly, the new Broadwell chip will also plug into the existing sockets on some previous generation motherboards, which may offer upgrade opportunities to the new chipset.

Unusually for Intel, Broadwell will also feature a fully unlocked design.  This allows overclocking past the limits of its original design, so OEM’s like G2 can push the technology harder for specific applications.  Pleasingly, Broadwell also brings Iris Pro Graphics to the chip which means greatly improved on-board graphical performance.

Whilst the official release date for Broadwell is still unconfirmed, it is expected to start shipping later in 2014.  As a leading Intel partner we have been evaluating the technology and are poised to make its inclusion across a number of our own products.

If you’d like to know more about Broadwell or where it may feature in G2’s products please contact us for further information.