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Mini PC

The perfect range of highly configurable products with all the functionality of a standard PC but take up a fraction of the space

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Our Mini PC’s provide a flexible solution to a wide range of applications.

The family of products is defined by:


Flexible Mounting
A variety of options to meet every installation need


High Performance
Options to stand up to the most demanding applications and workloads


Innovative Design
Feature rich white box designs that are simple to upgrade and maintain


Multiple Form Factors
A comprehensive range of case sizes; industry standard PC’s to ultra-compact designs

The highest quality components enable us to achieve the smallest possible footprint for these devices and the very best performance per watt. Yet, despite their size, these machines are highly configurable and stand up to the most challenging demands.

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Rack PC

A robust range of high-performing, expandable, user-friendly products engineered for even the most demanding environments

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A range of products engineered for performance in even the most demanding environments.

Our range of 1U and 2U Rack PC's deliver:


High Performance
A range of processor options to suit your needs


Robust System Availability
Packed with redundancy and features for non-stop operation


Rich Expandability
even in compact units where space is of a premium you’ll find lots of spare slots and opportunities to enhance your machine


User-Friendly Design
To improve everyday use, help make running repairs and assist relocation

The result is a range of products engineered for years of trouble-free performance in even the most demanding environments.

Choose from a host of flexible specification options to configure almost any feature of your machine including processors, memory, storage, power, OS and motherboards. All componentry is of the highest quality so when your device arrives it’s ready-to-go straight out the box.

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