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Riproaring addition to G2 Digital’s toolkit for CPU heavy loads

News released earlier this year that AMD is making its Ryzen™ Threadripper™ PRO 5000 WX-Series processors more widely available to customers set hearts racing in studios and agency lofts across the country.

For deadline-burdened audio-visual and computer engineers, as well as architects and graphic artists, the release of a significantly faster and higher functioning version of the Threadripper™ PRO 3000WX is an early Christmas present.

But the real bonus, a simultaneous announcement that the hardware would be made available to leading system integrators and the DIY market by early Summer.

Game Changer

Until now, the Ryzen™ Threadripper PRO 5000 WX series has only been available as part of pre-built “big brand” desktop PCs, including the Dell Precision 7865 workstation and the Lenovo Thinkstation P620.

From the end of this month, the processors will be sold separately, allowing PC builders to integrate them into new and existing workstations.

G2 Digital is taking advantage of this exciting opportunity to offer the processors in new models of its 1U Titan, 2U PC and 3U PC range.

For G2, the main advantage of the new processor range is that it offers more than twice the operating speeds for CPU-intensive functions such as data calculation, rendering, machine learning, and AI.

Key Features

Promising full performance leadership by tackling the kind of single and multi-threaded jams found in professional software applications, the new range will support up to 2TB of 8-channel DDR4 ECC Registered RAM, and AMD “Zen 3” architecture in G2 Digital’s offerings.

The platform has been simplified by using a single ‘common infrastructure’ with a single set of Threadripper PRO processors to choose from, along with one CPU socket and chipset.

Supporting 128 lanes of PCIe Gen 4, 8-channel memory, and the security and manageability features you’d expect of the Ryzen™ PRO series, it also includes:

  • Up to 64 cores and 128 threads
  • Zen 3 cores for the leadership IPC from AMD
  • Up to 4.5 GHz boost clocks
  • 8-channel UDIMM and RDIMM support
  • 256MB L3 cache
  • Support for up to 128 PCIe 4.0 lanes
  • AMD Shadow Stack security
  • ISV software collaboration for optimized pro apps
  • Impressive performance/price balance and relative power efficiency

Saeid Moshkelani, senior vice president and general manager at AMD’s client business unit, said: “For many workstation users, success is dependent on having the right tools to complete jobs quickly, which is why they need hardware that provides unmatched performance and gives them a competitive edge.

“We created the Ryzen Threadripper PRO Ryzen™ 5000 WX-Series processors with this in mind, bringing professionals the incredible performance and efficiency needed to run today’s most demanding workstation applications faster than ever before.”

Chris Hollidge, CEO of G2 Digital Video Ltd, said: “The launch of AMD’s Ryzen™ Threadripper PRO 5000 WX-Series to the system integration and DIY markets has been keenly anticipated and we are delighted to be able to offer our customers significant improvements in performance and productivity.

“These processors will bring dominant, full-spectrum performance leadership across multiple workstation workloads due to the performance and efficiency of the ‘Zen 3’ core architecture and increased processor frequencies.

“Now available in new models of our 1U Titan, 2U PC and 3U PC range, they represent an invaluable solution to hard pressed designers and creators faced with the most demanding professional applications and onerous deadlines.”

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