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Take A Closer Look at Intel’s Latest Lineup

Intel’s roadmap shows promising signs to computing enthusiasts about the potential of computing power, within the coming decade. The roadmap showcases the next 5 generations of Intel semiconductor manufacturing process(Known as Intel process node technology), with Intel’s primary goal to re-acquire its dominance in the processor space by 2025. As server rack mount specialists, we delve into the upcoming Intel roadmap.


The Roadmap So Far


Intel CEO; Pat Gelsinger announced the roadmap at Intel’s Accelerated webcast. During the webcast Intel announced that they will no longer use nanometer-based nodes, a technology that has been used for years previously. Instead, Intel aims to implement technology that will provide a more accurate view of process nodes across the industry. Another major announcement included the new progress towards creating AI-driven software and security. Aside from central processing units, Intel also announced the development of their new graphics card that is set to release soon. More about the upcoming GPU can be found here.


What Do The Coming Chips Have To Offer?


We currently know of the 4 upcoming chips that are set to release annually in consecutive years. The Intel 4 is set to release this year, previously known as the Intel 7nm. The Intel 4 will offer a 10-15% increase in performance per watt in comparison to its predecessor. The Intel 18A is set to release in 2025 using the latest 2nd generation ribbon high NA EUV machines.


Where Does This Place Intel Against AMD And Other Competitors?


In the current climate, Intel’s new Alder Lake series takes the crown in comparison to AMD due to its unprecedented speed and power. However, AMD is certainly not far behind with the release of 3D V-Cache in the first half of 2022. Intel aims to be the top performance processor manufacturer by 2025, even though this seems far away Intel is set to release four process nodes before then. In the past Intel has seen launches slip, this new renewed aggressive schedule could be the edge Intel needs.


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