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The New Intel ARC GPUs – All You Need To Know

Intel ARC has been highly anticipated ever since its announcement. A new venture for Intel, Arc is the company’s new brand of graphics card technology, which will supposedly span over multiple generations, covering not just hardware but software and services.


Our experts at G2 Digital are 1u Rack Server specialists, with years of industry knowledge. In this blog we provide you with a rundown of all the details we know so far about the Intel Arc GPUs, and when we could be getting them;


What Is Coming?


We know that Intel is releasing their new GPU technology, but what does this include? The first graphics card to be released is codenamed Alchemist, however Intel have already been teasing additional codenames such as Celestial and Battlemage, likely showing that Intel is set to have a multi-generational plan for the new cards if all goes well.


Not much is known about graphics card Alchemist, however the company shared that the graphics card will include 32 Xe Cores, each Xe core packing 16 Vector Engines and 16 Matrix Engines for a total of 512 Execution Units in total. This is pretty impressive, especially considering that the graphics card will support top features such as mesh shading, AI supersampling, ray tracing and 4K video upscaling.


It is likely that Intel will be a direct competitor to Nvidia and AMD, who have both dominated the graphics card industry for a multitude of years.


When Will It Be Released?


Whilst things are still a little bit up in the air, based on the information we got on Intel’s Architecture Day, the release date for Intel Arc Alchemist was set for Q1 of 2022. However, as we near the end of the quarter, it has become more and more likely that we will see a summer release instead. Intel held an event on the 30th March to showcase their range of discrete GPUs for laptops. We eagerly await further news of the desktop lineup.


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