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The world’s fastest desktop CPU is out now

Intel has claimed that the world’s fastest desktop processor arrived this month. The new i9 12900KS is a boosted version of the 12900K which was released at the end of last year, bumping the boost frequency from 5.2 GHz to 5.5GHz. Could the new processor benefit you and your business needs? 



Intel and AMD have been in a close battle, trying to create CPUs that outshine each other. Just last month AMD announced that the Ryzen 7 5800X3D is the world’s fastest gaming processor. Intel fired back quickly with the release of the 12900KS within weeks.


The core i9-12900KS runs 16 cores that are split between performance and efficiency. Additionally with 24 threads, 30MB of L3 cache memory the new Intel processor clocks speeds of 5.5GHz compared to the latest AMD CPU clocking at 4.5GHz. Even though the Ryzen CPU is slower statistically, the price difference is considerable. The i9 is selling for £749 compared to Ryzen’s lower price of around £415.



Even though both chips are new to the market, retail prices will likely be hard to match with ongoing industry shortages. Find out more about the hardware industry shortages here. If you plan on acquiring one of the chips, expect to pay more than the retail.


Worth the price?

Is the new CPU worth upgrading to? It all depends on your needs and usage of your PC. The i9-12900KS uses the same architecture as its predecessor, matching its cores. The only differences are the power consumption and frequency, with the new chip consuming an additional 25 watts. However hardware-wise this is just a bin-sorted 12900K with the maximum turbo speed by default. So in our opinion the price hike is only going to be worth it if you require the absolute pinnacle of single core performance and have the PSU and cooling overhead available to back it up.


Can I rack mount it?

Sure we can! At G2 we have always pushed the boundaries, fitting modern computer hardware to practical rack mount chassis. While we are yet to be able to get our hands on the I9 12900KS we have previously water cooled the i9 9900K allowing it to run at its maximum 5GHz in a compact 2U machine. Given our advances in water cooling in the interim we expect to be able to achieve good results with this chip as well. 


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