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There when you need us. Check out our on-site support options.

While our comprehensive line-up of Rackmount and Mini PCs gets all the attention, just as important is the warranty and support options that we offer alongside the units we supply.

We know how our PCs are used and how important they are to our customers, so understand the frustration when they encounter a technical challenge or unwanted downtime. That’s why we’ve always taken a common-sense approach to supporting our customers by offering a standard 2-year return to base (RTB) warranty on every single one of our products.

However, while this is more than sufficient for most customers, we are also able to provide some additional on-site options that deliver even greater support, perfect for those deploying our units as part of any critical application or infrastructure.

Here’s a simple rundown of what’s included with our standard warranty, and the options available for on-site support.

Standard return to base warranty

Included as standard with every one of our PCs, our 2-year RTB warranty entitles you to first-line, same-day telephone support with our team. That means there’s no need to fill out forms or submit a support ticket.

Where resolutions can be identified over the phone, we’ll send any parts to you directly to get your PC back up and running.

If this isn’t possible, simply send your PC back to us and we’ll work to return it to you within 72 hours.

This standard 2-year coverage can also be extended up to 5 years.

On-site support – Next business day

In addition to our standard warranty, we can offer additional support packages that deliver next business day on-site support.

You can still access first-line technical telephone support from our team, but where any issue cannot be resolved during a call, we’ll send out an engineer who will be with you on-site the next business day.

This can also be extended to include out-of-hours support in the event of an emergency.

On-site support – 365x7x24

For those with more urgent support needs, we also offer an additional level of on-site support with a 4-hour response time.

Our 365x7x24 package also includes first-line phone support from our expert team, with anytime response including out-of-hours.

As with our standard RTB warranty, both on-site options can be extended for periods of up to 5 years.

Why on-site support should be on your radar

While the common-sense approach to our standard warranty should give all of our customers reassurance and peace of mind, there are a number of reasons why you might consider additional on-site support.

For starters, the resolution times are a lot shorter, with next day and 4-hour response times providing valuable reassurance in the event of an issue. Downtime is costly for anyone, but even more so when a PC is utilised for a critical service or application. Accessing on-site support with a faster response time can minimise your downtime, and limit any subsequent fallout you could experience.

As our engineers are visiting you directly, there’s also no need to send your PC to us, eliminating the time lost with logistics to further speed up the support process.

This also means that there’s no need to remove your PC from its current installation. On-site support means that we can assess and repair your technical issue inside its existing rack space, seeing that you can get back up and running straight after resolution.

If you’re interested in extending your existing warranty, or accessing one of our on-site support options, get in touch with the team to learn more.