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Why our 3U PC Vertical is perfect for powerful production software

When we discuss PC requirements with our customers, it’s always important that we match specification and components with the chosen application. Over the years we’ve created bespoke versions of our PCs to cater for a wide range of unusual use cases, but one of the most common is support for powerful video and production software.

Many of these applications require powerful graphics and compute capabilities, which is why we often identify our 3U PC Vertical as the right unit for the job.

Why the 3U PC Vertical?

Unlike our conventional 3U PC, the 3U PC Vertical rotates the PCIe slots to stand vertically. Still delivered in a short case design, it offers more room for expansion, with space for dual-width graphics cards and an additional PCIe slot.

This additional slot means that you can accommodate an input card for video input, a network card for fibre connections to reduce latency, or even an additional GPU for even more powerful performance.

A popular specification is to equip the 3U PC Vertical with powerful Nvidia RTX Professional graphics cards. This is then paired with an AMD Threadripper PRO processor which delivers the right number of PCIe express lanes to deliver extraordinary performance.

3 common use cases

Here’s 3 of the most common use cases for the 3U PC Vertical:


Professional live HD video mixing and streaming software, vMix allows users to easily mix and stream live video feeds from their own PC without the need to purchase expensive production hardware.

That’s where our 3U PC Vertical comes in. With dual-width graphic card availability, and space for an all-important video input card, it’s the perfect platform for vMix software, no matter whether you’re running live events, or streaming video feeds across the internet.


Whether you’re using ArKaos GrandVJ software for live audio and video distribution, or ArKaos MediaMaster software for lighting and visual displays, you need a powerful PC that is capable of delivering the graphics performance required.

As with vMix, the ability to include a powerful processor, dual-width graphics and an additional PCIe slot for a suitable network card makes our 3U PC Vertical the ideal fit for Arkaos. Additionally, it’s small, high-density case is perfect for space-sensitive installations associated with live events.

Unreal Engine

A big hitter in the gaming world, Unreal Engine is a powerful and sophisticated graphics platform that allows you to create amazing 3D images in real-time. Whether it’s visual effects for live productions, 3D landscapes and architecture, or an immersive virtual world, you need a powerful PC that gives you the platform to create incredible 3D visuals that capture the imagination. The powerful graphics capabilities and versatility of our 3U PC Vertical make it a great rig for this work.

Get ready to create with G2

Whether you’re looking to run any of the 3 software packages we’ve highlighted, or anything else to support live video, audio, or production, our team is here to help.
Simply get in touch to discuss your requirements, or take a look at our extensive PC range.