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You asked, we delivered: filtration redesign is coming

Last August, we announced our development work on the 1U Titan.

The wait is over, and we are now taking orders for this monster. The 1U Titan is the first of our products to undergo our revolutionary rack redesign which, in time, we’re planning to roll-out to the rest of our existing product range.

This development project has afforded us the chance to explore changes that we’ve long wanted to make, and one in particular that we’ve faced high levels of customer demand for…

The 1U Titan is the very first product that will feature our brand new filtration system.

The filtration effect

Keeping the internal workings of any unit clean and dust-free is vital to maintaining the product’s performance, lifespan, and resilience. Unfortunately, the elements are often against you on an AV job. From extended periods in dusty flight cases, to open air live events, to old-school smoke machines, our products have seen it all.

What’s changed?

A super-fine mesh, fitted into a specially designed frame means that our units will be able to block out more airborne micro-debris than ever before.

The mesh is both removable and replaceable, and it’s inexpensive to do so. Keeping on top of your filters, and keeping them clear will also help cut back the amount of servicing required for any G2 machine.

Get your hands on this new feature

Depending on your chosen product, our new filtration method will either come as standard or an optional add-on. Unfortunately, it can’t be retrofitted onto existing products at this time.

Want to know more? Get in touch with a member of the team to dig deeper into our new filtration system or ask questions about our other products.